How can I filter by my Roon tags in an album view

Hi how can I filter by my Roon tags when I’m in an album view, like for example if I am in a Pink Floyd album, how can I filter my my Roon tags? I only see the ability to filter by Focus, Favourites or Picks.

Hi @Ninja_Theory
I don’t think it’s possible from the album screen. The only way I can think of possible doing it, is from the tracks screen.

You can filter on the artist & Album, and you also have access to your tags, see below :-

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Not at the moment. Even though you can put a Tag on a track, it is not displayed in the album view, nor, is it focus-able in the album view. Would be great if both those features were there. Maybe a Feature Request.

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Thanks yeah I know about that. It’s just that I use tags a lot and often wish I could quickly filter my tags in an album view (I mean inside an album). The track view is an easy enough workaround though,

Thanks. I’ll add a feature request and see if it gets any love (doubt it will, seems like a rather uncommon use case).