How can I find out how many gigs of storage I have used?

I need to know how much I have in my roon library in order to know how large a usb thumb drive to buy to back my library up.

I can’t find that info. Please help.

Thanks in advance,

Well, it depends upon the server on which your music is stored. Can you share some info about that?

My server is a Wyred 4 Sound MS1. I can’t figure out how to check that out, and the owner’s manual is no help.


I have 920 albums, most of them ripped in flac, if that helps.

If you assume 150mb per album your at 138GB. If you have a 1TB usb drive you should have more than enough

Are you talking about a Roon database backup or a music files backup?

By the way, a USB stick isn’t a great backup location as they are meant more for short-term storage and typically such have error correction. An external hard disk is much better


You might try this?
“Files transferred from a computer to the MS-1 must be stored in a particular folder and file structure: \wyred4sound\files\music\flac\artist\album. You must locate the MS-1 server on your network (it’s named Wyred4Sound) and look at the four top-level directories. Click on the “Files” folder, then on the subfolder “Music,” then on the sub-subfolder “FLAC.””

Got this from this article:

You might be able to look at “properties” of the music folders to see how much space they take up?

You can also shoot them an email and ask,


I was told by wyred 4 Sound That I ought to back up all my music files in case my server ever breaks down. I’m an old guy and I don’t know What I am talking about. Any advice or help is greatly appreciated

Good advice.

For starters, you would already gain much safety by copying the music files from the Wyse to a USB drive that you can attach to your PC. Same approach as when you copy files TO the Wyse, as outlined above by @bearFNF:

For additional redundancy, copy them to two different USB disks.

In addition, you also want a backup of your Roon database:

That might work, but all the files on my Roon library have been ripped via my music server or transferred directly from HD tracks. I haven’t moved anything from or to a computer. Will that be a problem?

Well if the files can be transferred from a computer to the Wyred they can also be transferred from the Wyred to a computer on the same way.

Here’s a copy of the manual explaining it:

Try more like 250-300 mb per album ? or better 3 albums per Gb would be more realistic for FLAC

920 would take around 300 gb so a 1Tb external USB drive would be good, personally I would go for 2 BU drives.

I have 2 drive BU for each HDD / SSD of content , belt & braces