How can I Focus on a tag not in the standard Focus window

Many of my files had a rating in the Ratings field. I can see those if I look at the track information for those rated files.

Is there a way to focus on, say, files with a rating of 4, or, files with a rating of 4 and up? All I’ve seen is “standard” sort categories such as genre and date, that show up in the Focus window.

For Albums it’s there, but not quite as flexible as you request.

Album Browser / Focus / Rating (bottom left) / choose your rating

It could be more flexible, but then it will be more complex as a UI.

On the other hand, it’s very “wordy” now, for which there is no reason I can detect. Maybe @mike will put me right. :slight_smile:

But I now realise that perhaps you are talking about individual track ratings? Correct?

Yes, individual tracks ratings. It’s how I keep a list of “audiophile” (or great sonics) and great music across playback platforms (3=great sonics, 4= audiophile spectacular, 5= ditto plus favorite music, 2=lousy sonics, 1= never want to hear it again)

I rate tracks, not albums

Right now our track rating functionality is limited to either favorite or ban, which you can toggle by clicking the little heart next to any track title. These favorites are stored per-user, so everyone in your household can have their own set of favorites.

We’ve discussed making album ratings editable once our editing functionality is more fleshed out, but we hadn’t planned to implement more granular ratings (like 3 out of 5 stars) at the track level.

That said, we’ve heard this request a few times now, so we’ll be keeping a close eye on this feedback, and we’re definitely interested to hear more from users interested in this kind of rating functionality.

Thanks for the question @Brucemck2!

You’ve made a good start with the per-user like/dislike

Tivo had a nice system for ratings … up to three thumbs up or three thumbs down … sort of a “likeness weighting” that worked really well inside their recommendations engine.

Still, many of us will need the ability to focus on and edit the ratings field, which is a pretty standard tag for flac (etc.) files coming in from users’ libraries. Given your current implementation, in my case, I’d need to take my existing ratings and create playlists and like/dislikes based on the (historic) per-track ratings tag values … but I can’t do that because I can’t focus on the (populated) ratings field and then mass like/dislike (although I could create a playlist if could Focus)

I have spent many days of work adding iTunes 5 star ratings to tracks. It would be great if these could be imported into Roon. Thanks for a top product.

Hi there

Any news about this feature request ? To me, this is the only missing function in Roon as I like to only listen to tracks I tagged throuhout albums of one artist or of one genre …

An access through the Focus function would be good to filter tracks or create Tag.

Thanks in advance