How can I generally increase the DSD Volume? (Relative to PCM)

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Windows, Asrock itx Board, i3-8100, 16 GB RAM

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Fritz Box and 1 Switch more

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How can I generally increase the DSD Volume?
Because DSD is generally quieter than PCM.

Thank you.

The only way to automatically increase volume for DSD is to use DSP in Roon, which means DSD will be converted to PCM before it reaches the DAC. If this sounds bad, know that many DACs convert to PCM internally anyway. If your DAC supports direct DSD, then the only way to change volume is to use the volume control on your preamp or integrated amp.

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Thank you for answer.
That’s it…

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You can also bring the volume of PCM down with -6dB.

Yes, i saw it in the DSP…
Or you increase DSD by +6 db.

But for me it is still a lot quieter than well-recorded PCM…

Thank you and best regards…

My benchtable…
with new HDPLEX 500 Watt ATX