How can I get my Naim ND5XS network player running with Roon?

I received the UPnP bridge yesterday, hooked it onto my network, configured it, configured Roon and everything worked as it should. Thank you for your valueable assistance!

BTW: I found out that Roon Core will run directly on my (QNAP) NAS. Do you suggest to run Roon Core directly on the NAS or to keep my current setup where Roon Core runs on my notebook PC (WIN 10 64bit).

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Good to hear you are up & running with a Roon Endpoint bridging to your ND5XS.

If your NAS can run the Roon Core, then try it, and off-board it from the Laptop. You can then use the Laptop as a Remote Roon.

I would still recommend maintaining the Roon Core in a separate layer on a dedicated device.
However, using the UPnP Bridge the data flow from Roon Core is just for raw files, so the demands on the hardware running the Roon Core is minimal. The Bridge, as the Endpoint, transcodes the FLAC/ALAC/AAC/MP3 to WAV, and pass through of DSF under DoP for DSD contents.

Where were you running a UPnP Server? I would recommend running the UPnP Server on a separate server.

Thanks, Simon.

Thank you for your advice. I will then move the Roon Core to the NAS. Currently I’m using the JRiver software to drive my ND5XS. I’m running the JRiver server on my notebook at the moment. So far I’m not using any servers which might be running on the NAS itself.


If you end up being dissatisfied with running Roon Core on the NAS I’d suggest you consider a NUC running ROCK for the Roon Core. NUC/ROCK + UPnP Bridge + NAS + ND5 XS = Happiness.

Thank you for your hint. I think I will not run into a performance problem with my NAS. I use a QNAP 451 device and have disabled almost all services. I do not run any file or photo or video or music server.

Is it not
NAS + NUC/ROCK + UPnP Bridge + ND5XS = Happiness

A QNAP 451 is an Intel® Celeron® 2.41GHz dual-core processor (burst up to 2.58GHz) so it depends do you have the standard 1GB RAM or the

and there are experiences reported here QNAP 251 - does Roon Server work on it?

You may need more RAM and an SSD to host the Roon database.

I agree with @Richard_Robbins that it may be better to get a NUC i3 with 4GB and a SSD to run ROCK, then nothing is being stressed.


OK, thanks for your advice, I will then keep the Roon Core on my notebook (i7 8gen, 1TB SSD, etc) and try to get a NUC/ROCK instead the notebook.


You should try it, and see how whether the QNAP can support the playback and what the loading on the device is.
It could be Roon are nervous and set the hardware requirements high, as many of the DSP functions require CPU and RAM and don’t want negative experiences with sluggish hardware.
You can also keep it there, while you are sourcing your NUC.
It could still be better than running from the Laptop (a general purpose device)

So how are you getting on with Roon & the UPnP Bridge to your ND5XS?

Thank you for your question. Everything is fine since I installed that device. I’ve not had any troubles setting up this configuration and it is running since the beginning. In the very near future I’ll move to a Naim NDX2 which is already Roon ready. I’m running the Roon core on a Intel NUC, which is also a very smooth configuration that doesn’t cause any troubles.

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Ok, very good.

May I throw in, that there a number of 2nd hand NDS units coming up, being sold as people go to the ND555.
Now you have the Roon -> Naim route sorted, the cost of a new NDX2 would fund a 2nd hand NDS instead.
But you would still need a PSU for the NDS - but you could get that now on the ND5XS. I found that adding a XP5XS to the ND5XS made a big difference, and I used that PSU with the NDS for a while.
Just a thought

Thanks for your advice. I currently have the ND5XS running along with a NAIM DAC and a NAIM XP5XS. And I’ve already ordered the NDX2 along with an XPS DR to upgrade my current setup.

Hi all. I’m a complete newbie to Roon. I have a Synology NAS that I have setup as my Roon Core which contains all my ripped CDs as FLAC files on the NAS SSD drives, plus my iTunes library. I was able to set that up easily.

From there I want to run lossless files to my Naim kit (NDX.282.HiCapDR,NAPSC.250.2). I have read on this forum that the best approach is to get a bridge (

My questions.

  1. I am correct above?
  2. What do I select on the NDX to bring up the Roon feed?
  3. Do I manage the Roon interface from my iMac or iPhone running the Roon app and select the Bridge as an endpont and then do something on the NDX through the Naim app?

Thank you and sorry for the long message!

Hi @Simon_Cool and welcome to roon,

  1. yes, it is a very good approach
  2. you control it from the sonic orbiter webpage and Roon app
  3. as above roon not naim app

There are detailed instructions in the Sonore section here on the Roon fourm but basically you set up your NDX through the sonic orbiter web interface - it’s a few click process, and then choose enable squeezebox support in roon and then the roon app sees your NDX. (it is the original NDX not the NDX2?)

I know someone who upgraded from NDS to ND555 so he may have a bridge surplus to requirements so if you PM me I could see if he is interested in selling, presuming you’re in Europe.


Or if not, there was one here for sale FS: Sonore UPnP Bridge

I run Roon through my NDS all the time, now with the Sonore UPnP Bridge. No need to touch the Naim App, and get Tidal MQA Masters playback via Roon, as well as better Tidal integration.
Just make sure the Bridge hardware is SonicOrbiter 2.5 or greater, as I had problems with the earlier 2.3 version on the SoSE unit.

At present, I don’t see/feel the need to upgrade to the ND555, but I haven’t heard one yet :neutral_face:

Hi, I’ve bought the Sonore UPnP bridge following the advise above to stream Roon to my Naim streamer. But I’m still confused on the best settings on the bridge itself and in Roon to get the best possible audio quality. Could somebody share a screenshot of the settings? Would really appreciate that. Thx!

On the SonoreUPnP Bridge Settings

Then in Roon

and Advanced settings

So when you go back to the SonoreUPnP App

Then you just select the Bridge as a Zone, hit play and the Naim Network Player will auto select the UPnP input and receive the stream.
Just remember that the Naim Network Player is no-longer commanding the file to be served to it, as with a UPnP server Architecture, here with Roon it is now being sent to it, i.e. the Naim device is no-longer in control, Hence the terminology ‘Roon Endpoint’.

If there are tracks in the Roon Play Queue, Roon will continue to push these at the Endpoint, until the Queue is empty, irrespective if the input on the Naim Network Player has been set to another input or source. If you need to selection another input on the Naim Network Player ensure that Roon is no-longer serving files, by either clearing the queue or hitting pause before making the source selection.

Someone had issue with the SonoreUPnP Bridge with a Naim 272, which is a Streaming PreAmp, trying to select other sources while there was still tracks in the playback queue where the pushed stream would keep forcing the 272 back to the Roon stream, which they found unworkable.

Hope this helps,


Thx Simon!

Did that work for you?

Yes, it works. It already did, I was just insecure about the best settings :wink:

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