QNAP 251 - does Roon Server work on it?

Hi there - I know that the QNAP 251 is felt (by Roon) to be too sluggish to run Roon Server, but some people here have tried it with some success.

Can anyone please confirm it it does / does not work, at an acceptable speed? I have about 3,000 albums.

Is it just a case of downloading the QNAP qpkg and trying it out, or is there anything I need to do on the NAS itself?


I have the TS-451 which is the same processor as yours.

I also have 8GB RAM and an SSD hosting the database.

It works well on my system with a library that is around 2x the size of yours.

Mark thanks for the quick response! Would you know if I can run Roon Server on an externally connected SSD, plugged directly into the 251, or does the SSD need to be inside it?


External SSD works as well.
But you need to format it in the QTS (all data will be erased then!) and set the label to “RoonServer”.
This is also explained with screenshots in the instructions. Unfortunately you can not simply set the label (that is used in the QNAP as the share name for external devices).

Maybe it also works to change the volume name on a desktop computer before connecting it to the QNAP. I have not tried this yet.

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External is OK, but use USB3 or you will have a severe I/O bottleneck which will negate any advantages.

This sounds great - can’t wait to try it - thank you both.

Maybe wait for the next update though, as I saw someone else has lost all their timestamps and artwork because of a problem with Organised Folders?

Nothing to do with QNAP!

That person you referred to set up Organised Folders rather than Watched Folders.

Organised Folders will always change your timestamps, on any system. It is not a “problem”, it is by design and how organised folders work.

If you don’t want your music folders and data altering, use “Watched Folders”.

OK I should be in the clear then as am only using Watched. I’d better go off an find a little usb3 SSD then, one where I can remove the disk for formatting in the QNAP then.

Just get a USB3 SSD and plug it in to your USB3 socket. Not sure why you would want or need to remove for formatting etc,

It needs to be labeled “RoonServer” in order for the package to find it as the storage for the Roon database.

OK, just format in QTS, then re label - got it.

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I have the same NAS and would be interested in how you make out. I plan to try it out too as soon as I can carve out some time and get an SSD.

I muddled through it a bit but I have Roon Remote connected to RoonServer on an SSD plugged into to my QNAP TS-251. Great! This is more like what I’ve been wanting, yes.

Hi guys,
Just wondering how can you guys install Roon Server on QNAP TS-251? as in the installation app the Roon Server won’t show up if the QNAP is not qualified to run Roon Server.

I only have a small amount of album ( <2000) and I would like to try installing Roon Server on this QNAP (TS-251) but I don’t know how…

What QTS version are you using on your TS-251?

It is running firmware: 4.3.3

That’s weird. It is listed on the AppCenter website as available for the TS-251.

You can still try to download it there and install it manually if it is definitely not appearing on your device.

Hi Crieke,
I’ve just updated to the latest firmware version and I can see it now.
I’m running 2 TB HDD at the moment, will add in a 120gb SSD to install Roon Server and try.
Thanks for your help.


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