How can i "like" one track from Tidal?

For example, track was picked by Roon Radio and i want to “like” just that track to get back later… But “like” (heart) icon just not there. I must add whole album to the library first and only after that i can “like” the track. Maybe i just didn’t find that feature?


I doubt you are missing something. You also cannot like songs from playlists if the album isn’t in the library. The whole system seems to be seriously flawed, but no one seems to care…

I don’t see the issue with putting an album from tidal in your library for one track. It’s just a marker for the album. Adding a single takes the same space in your UI.

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Yes, but “like” album is not the same as “like” track. Because then i browse my favorite albums, i want to see just that, but not the albums with one good song. When i added album in the Roon UI it become favorited in the Tidal app. The other thing is when i “like” track in the Tidal app, it is added to Roon like one track from the album, and we see the oposite problem - in UI it looks like album with just one song (on the picture) =) The logic approach here is when Roon shows me the album with one “liked” track in both cases. Something is wrong in Roon’s UI with that, as i see it…

And one more thing - i just want to be able to “like” the song from Tidal with one click, just like i can do with local tracks.

For Roon to recognise a like a track it has to be in your database. If the artist hasn’t released said song as a single track then I’m not sure what can be done here.

Add a track to the Roon DB - ok, no problem. But do not push me to favor whole album to do that. At least do not add album to favorites in Tidal. But when i liked one track from the album - show me the whole album with one “liked” track selected. It is just like the Tidal itself handles “one liked track frpom the album” situation.

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