How can I select favorites? (On a mobile)

In Android app, this is what I get…

In iOS, this is what I get:

I think @Michel_Serwaczak is using a phone as a remote. Roon doesn’t provide the full editing capabilities on mobiles.

This post from @mike explains things

Note the comment about using bookmarks. These provide a limited workround. If you can set these up on a tablet or larger, then they can be used to save a particular focus - e.g. favourites, or albums never played in the last year, etc and called up on the mobile browser page.

Thank you Brian.
I think this is bad.
The phone is and will remain my remote.
So perhaps Roon will not work for me…

Hello @Michel_Serwaczak,

It’s possible to see your favorites on mobile using the “Bookmarks” feature.

To accomplish this, open Roon on your PC and follow the steps shown in the screen recording below:

CleanShot 2020-10-18 at 11.31.22

Once you have created the “Favorites” bookmark you can access it on mobile by clicking on the “Bookmarks” icon.


Thank you John.
That was a nice workaround.
Probably Roon can address this issue with a small change on the page design.

Any clue how this works on an iPhone? Do not see the ‘hearts’ in the iPhone app album browser.

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I do not see that heart in my Android app either…

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Same here. I can’t manage to find this on the iPhone app.

I can favorite things like albums etc. but I go to the album browser there is no heart icon to show them.

I’ve moved a few posts here where the answer is given above.