How Can I Set up a Second Zone?

I’m a little embarrassed to have to ask this question but I’m no techie and having said that, I’m still surprised that I was able to get my audio system to run Tidal and Roon to my streamer. :blush:

I’m currently using Roon in my only stereo system and I’m super pleased with it. I know my wife would like to be able to play Tidal in her home office too but I have no idea how to set it up for her. Fortunately, she’s not concerned about sound quality because she’s happy listening to the songs she has stored on her phone though her little Bose bluetooth speaker.

What would I need to purchase in order for her to be able to listen to Tidal at her desk and if she did that, would she be able to have her own Tidal Favorites page so that we don’t have our selections mixed together? Also, would we be able to listen to different albums at the same time or would we both have to be listening to the same songs?


Pick a Roon Ready speaker:

Something like a Sonos Play 1, 3 or 5 would do what you want with minimal messing about. I have 4 Play 3s dotted around the house and they are everything you need for a new zone in one box (streamer, DAC, amp and speaker). Set it up using the Sonos app, then your Roon core should just find it!

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You can have separate Roon profiles, which will affect playlists, bookmarks, tags etc, but if you have only one Tidal account then I understand your Favourites will be common.

Each Zone has its own Queue. You can listen to different albums at the same time.

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If your wife has a phone and Bluetooth speaker your there

I do the same in the kitchen, a small Samsung J1 phone with Roon Remote loaded, then Bluetooth to a Beoplay A1 speaker

It sounds like she has a home office , I assume a computer. Add some USB speakers load Roon and go …

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