How can I stop update nags? (I use Unraid and updates always ruin it)

My iPad remote asks to update Roon.

I guess updates are pushed whether one wants it or not. But 3 times, updates ruined my Unraid with docker installation. So I try to ignore the update, but it keeps nagging. I can not find how to turn off the nags. So I tried the update and it ruined my install again. :frowning:

How can I stop update nags?

SFAIK it’s not possible to turn them off.

Also if you don’t update you have the possibility it will be out of support. Roon is always updating and it’s part of the licensing agreement that some updates are mandatory and it will just do it anyway. It’s not a static product , it’s best to keep it up to date.

Roon is not just about the software, it’s a service. The software is just one part, it works closely together with the online Roon server. Compatibility with older version would mean a lot of server maintainance and might sooner or later even lead to compatibilty conflicts with newer versions. That’s the reason why updates are pushed and not a free choice. You didn’t buy the software, you have subscribed to a service.

The recent Tidal login changes are another aspect of this. Compatibility with Roon partner services also need regular updates.

If it’s working well for me then I don’t need an update. I don’t have any online services. I could probably go over a year before I really need an update.It’s not polite to nag people to take something they don’t want.

Yes YOU DID subscribe to an online service. Roon IS an online service. The software is the portal to it. You did not buy any software, you have subcribed to a service. It would cost serious money to keep compatibility with old versions, that is not as easy as you think for a service like this.


I’m talking about music streaming online services. The last update was for one of those music streaming services. That update On my machine would’ve been absolutely no benefit to me or to roon. No reason to force it on me and nag nag nag

Block at your firewall or add a host file entry for it to point to

As Nyquist noted above, Roon updates can include database changes which may lead to incompatibilities if not applied. Blocking updates at the firewall may be possible, but is is not recommended and may result in future problems with unforeseen consequences. It is the equivalent of wandering off the trail.

Support is complex enough dealing with a single branch of the software common to all users. Incompatibility issues arising from blocking updates would put you in a category of approximately one and a fix could take an indeterminate time.

Yes, when that occurs, force the update. Most updates are not that critical though. MS Windows has the same problem, after 10 years, then one must update. Not every month.

To Larry Post, thank you, thank you, thank you.

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