How can I transfer lifetime license to another device?

Goodmorning everyone!
I’m testing the software and I find it really great!
I would like to understand one thing, if I purchase a lifetime license how can I transfer it from one server to another?
Let me explain: I often change hardware and configuration and often install new os (only linux), so … how can I take my lifetime license with me?

thank you!

PS: sorry for the grammatical errors, I’m using an online translator

It’s as easy as stopping one server and start another. You have to be careful about the roon library as that is where your playlists, metadata live. Swapping a single license between servers and locations is supported.

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The license isn’t tied to hardware, it is associated with your sign in credentials. So if you are signed in to two machines it simply asks you which you want as the core and de-authorises the other machine. You can swap between the two as often as you want.

thank you so much!

it was just what I was hoping for, so I have no excuse to move to a lifetime license!

Next time you get the itch to change hardware - get an intel NUC and install ROCK and you probably wont feel the need to change the hardware for a very long time and can pretty much forget about it.

I thank you but I need ubuntu because this is the list of services that we normally run:

  • Netplan
  • TightVNC
  • Kodi (native mode output)
  • Samba
  • Dropbxo
  • Jdownloader
  • MegaSync
  • MiniDLNA
  • Transimission
  • Homebridge
  • Plex server
  • Inotify
  • ftp server
  • Pihole
  • QbitTorrent
  • Nextcloud
  • And now : ROON


Hmmmm not sure I’d run all of that on my music server. Each to their own interrupts I suppose.

right now, I’m running all these services simultaneously on my Nuc: NUC7PJYH


I am pleased to tell you that I am now in lifetime license