How can I used the network card to connect the lumin d2

My computer system is rock os:two networkcards,one card connect to internet,one card connect to lumin D2,and come to rock os setting,like that ,but roon software not found the Lumin D2.

how to setting DHCP on Rock os? help me.

Rock is not a DHCP server. This mode of operation is not really supported. There is a way I think that was posted on the forum, but you won’t have control of the device via lumins app and it won’t have internet access.

That won’t work with a Lumin streamer because they don’t allow you to assign an IP. The only way to achieve what is wanted is to use an OS that allows you to bridge the ports exposing the streamer to your router DHCP server. I have a feature request in for ROCK to be able to do this.

Thank you,My English is si poor。
Qnap 453 can!

  1. To solve the Lumin Network Error the simplest solution is to connect it to a switch or a port in your WiFi router.

  2. Your proposed connection requires ROCK to support Ethernet bridging (instead of DHCP server). If I understand correctly, this feature is not supported at this moment, hence the feature request above. See Bridged ethernet connection

  3. If you have to use a bridged connection, consider installing Windows or a Linux distribution (instead of ROCK) instead, e.g. Bridged Ethernet Any Pro's or all Cons?

why lumin can not setting ip by lumin app

But Auralic G1 dac can setting ip or DHCP,User will choose it

So,Lumin audio is too simplest !

I will give up lumin and buy Auralic G1

Simplicity is indeed a core principle that Lumin strives to achieve.

For expert users with specific needs, please reserve an IP address for the Lumin in the router DHCP reservation table.

You can not understand what I means .

DHCP is very important to made sound be better,I will connect Lumin D2 to Roon double networkcard direct。

be your devices User,Just ask to open Dhcp settings ,It’s too hard to do that?!

We have no button on the player hardware, no remote control and no other means of setting up. Once a mistake is made in the static IP address (with such a setting in a hypothetical scenario), Lumin app will no longer be able to connect to the player for any setting correction anymore (until a factory reset back to DHCP).

ok,I got that