How can we help Roon improve metadata in Metal? (And in general)

Hi, I’m from Argentina and mostly (almost solely) listen to Metal. There are two major labels editing material here. Icarus Music and another one, NEMS Enterprises, which was very popular from the late 90’s to late 00’s and that currently releases some albums every now and then.

I collect the NEMS releases, almost have their entire catalog (30/40 missing yet) and I own a lot of Icarus’ releases.

The thing is that I can’t identify most of the albums the right way (from both labels). Some of them get their metadata from the original label releases (Century Media, Nuclear Blast, etc), and it’s ok. But some releases have bonuses for South America or different track order and that interferes the identification.

The same goes for the artists. Some of them are popular only on the Metal scene, so it seems unfair to me that I can’t get any info on my artists, just because All Music or whichever metadata provider be don’t know them.
According to Focus 171 artists of 590 don’t have a bio, and 186 don’t have pictures. I know I could add pictures myself, and I intend to, but let’s be honest, trying to get a picture to look nice on the artist page and on the artist list is very time consuming.

Is there a way I could contribute with adding the metadata anywhere as I do on Discogs or the Metal Archives site?
Of course I’m not expecting Roon to get the info for all the releases in the world, but since one of the sellig point is “metadata” and not “metadata for a reasonably number of releases” I think there should be a way where users could collaborate (within some parameters to guarantee the accuracy) the same as on (I’m not gettting paid for this :slight_smile:) Discogs. Or at least the ability to add data locally.

According to Focus, I currently have 164 unidentified albums of a total of 1932, that represents almost 9% of my collection, and the rest are not “specifically” identified for THAT release.

Also some of the lyrics have incredible mistakes with mispelled words or missing lines, it’s a shame that Roon wouldn’t consider getting them from DarkLyrics THE source for lyrics in Metal.

What I’m sating is: Roon, let us help you be better.

Maybe I’m just rambling, but I’m a collector, and I like data when it’s the right one.
Of course that’s not the only thing I suscribed for but definitely is one thing I’d like to see improved.

Roon uses musicbrainz as one of its metadata sources. For the releases you’ve added to discogs, you could check if those are in musicbrainz too. If not, there’s an Tampermonkey import script for discogs to musicbrainz imports so the burden to add stuff again would be greatly reduced. Maybe you try it with a few albums and see if it helps? It usually takes 2 to 4 days for Roon to pick up data from musicbrainz.

Be warned: if we are talking about versions of albums Roon already has in its dataset, chances are high it will not add another version coming from musicbrainz - at least that’s my experience.

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Thanks I’ll try this!

@macaumetal - I’ve just noticed that there’s also an import script for Metal Archives, just so you know. :slight_smile:

yeah, saw that, thanks again!