How could I hide all my mp3s


I’d like to hide all my mp3’s. I may change my mind so I would prefer to not have to remove them from the folder. My library is quite slow to load and I could mitigate that by not looking at mp3’s in general.

Hi @Eric_Gross,

Please try this:

Track Browser -> Focus -> Format -> MP3 -> Select all files on that page -> 3-dot drop down at the top -> Edit -> Hide Tracks.


That works if I am looking in the track browser, but I am going into the Artist, looking at the Main Albums (2300) … how can I remove the mp3’s from here? also how can i configure this in a persistent way?

Hi Eric,

Start in the Album Browser instead of the Track Browser and follow the same steps.

Cheers, Greg

Using OS tools, move all your MP3 files and associated folders to a new top level folder that’s outside of your current Roon Watched folder.

Then in Roon create a new Watched folder that points to it.

This new “MP3” Watched folder can then be enabled/ disabled as required.

When disabled, all the MP3 references in Roon should no longer be seen.


Im my case i have all MP3s in a separate folder hierarchy. That way i can Enable/Disable the compressed files by a quick and simple click in the Storage-section of settings. Very smooth experience!

Thats one of the reasons why i don like ROCKs behaviour of adding the Root folder of internal storage , when available.

Edit: Sorry, didnt spot @Carl answer above…

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