How did you cope with 7 hours without Roon forum

(Geoff Coupe) #21

You can re-upload your own avatar to restore it yourself.

(Paul Butler) #22

I actually believed the world had ended. Multiple refreshing and consternation. I now realise that when my wife says “are you looking at that bloody Roon forum again ???” she may actually have a point.

(Mr Fix It ) #23

We all suffer this to varying degrees I’m afraid.

(Peter Lie) #24

I did that some days ago. Looks like I’ll need to do it again.


Doesn’t work.

(Geoff Coupe) #26

Ah, I’m afraid it did for me, so I assumed that it would for others. My mistake.

(Music and Shawarma Lover) #27

I tried to engage my kids in a debate about custom embedded metadata. Got some strange looks!

(Ged) #28

Mummy! Daddy is off on one again.

(Peter Lie) #29

It works for me too. I used a png file.

(John B) #30

They wouldn’t dare delete my avatar :wink: