How did you cope with 7 hours without Roon forum

(John B) #1

Looks like the forum was down for 7 hours. How did you cope?


(GaryM) #2

Didn’t notice at all. Must have been the nice dinner with some local craft beer.

(Chris ) #3

We coped… but only just :joy:


Some user avatars are still missing. Othervice I just hit F5 from time to time…

(Andrew Cox) #5

I read an actual paper book, with pages and everything.

(Geoff Coupe) #6

I listened to music, chopped some wood, and took the dogs for a walk…

(Ged) #7

Ruined my Sunday morning…

(NjĂĄl) #8

Slept (the outage was during late night and morning here), had a late and slow morning, with late breakfast and movies with my three year old daughter.
Only noticed the forums were down when I checked when having my first coffee, came back online soon after.

(Mr Fix It ) #9

Tough but managed with things then went out for dinner…it’s back now so all good…bar the missing avatars which were maybe better but still not 100% before it all went down the toilet

(Geoff Coupe) #10

Has there been a change to the underlying Discourse software used in the forum? It looks slightly different (the Suggested Topics layout looks different?).

Still missing my avatar, however…

(JohnV) #11

I used the extra time to deliver clothes to an orphanage.

(Ged) #12

Step 7 on the plan.

(Mr Fix It ) #13

I had to re upload my avatar just now … looks like they lost a lot of avatars

(Chris ) #14

I found my Janet Robin avatar pic that I took the last time she played for us. If I couldn’t find that easily, it was going to be Anne McCue playing my Ukulele. Happy Days…

(Mikael Ollars) #15

Played some music, from cassette tapes! :slight_smile: (A nostalgic trip, indeed!)
Then I took the dog for a run, we did some 14km in the beautiful, sunny winter day. (-8°C) Very nice!

(Steve) #16

I watched the toon on match of the day and went for a game of golf. There’s more to life than music …what!!! :grinning::grinning:

(Ged) #17

I liked the Magic Roundabout, always thought Brian should be more Fluorescent.

(Ludwig van Marbach) #18

I didn’t notice.

(Henri Serton) #19

I played some metal. And for the first time in years I tried some headbanging. It didn’t work out so well. I am glad the forum is back.


@support, forum still has many user avatars missing.