How did you cope with 7 hours without Roon forum

Looks like the forum was down for 7 hours. How did you cope?



Didn’t notice at all. Must have been the nice dinner with some local craft beer.

We coped… but only just :joy:

Some user avatars are still missing. Othervice I just hit F5 from time to time…

I read an actual paper book, with pages and everything.


I listened to music, chopped some wood, and took the dogs for a walk…


Ruined my Sunday morning…


Slept (the outage was during late night and morning here), had a late and slow morning, with late breakfast and movies with my three year old daughter.
Only noticed the forums were down when I checked when having my first coffee, came back online soon after.

Tough but managed with things then went out for dinner…it’s back now so all good…bar the missing avatars which were maybe better but still not 100% before it all went down the toilet

Has there been a change to the underlying Discourse software used in the forum? It looks slightly different (the Suggested Topics layout looks different?).

Still missing my avatar, however…

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I used the extra time to deliver clothes to an orphanage.


Step 7 on the plan.

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I had to re upload my avatar just now … looks like they lost a lot of avatars

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I found my Janet Robin avatar pic that I took the last time she played for us. If I couldn’t find that easily, it was going to be Anne McCue playing my Ukulele. Happy Days…

Played some music, from cassette tapes! :slight_smile: (A nostalgic trip, indeed!)
Then I took the dog for a run, we did some 14km in the beautiful, sunny winter day. (-8°C) Very nice!

I watched the toon on match of the day and went for a game of golf. There’s more to life than music …what!!! :grinning::grinning:

I liked the Magic Roundabout, always thought Brian should be more Fluorescent.

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I didn’t notice.

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I played some metal. And for the first time in years I tried some headbanging. It didn’t work out so well. I am glad the forum is back.


@support, forum still has many user avatars missing.