How do I add albums from Tidal to my library in Roon?

Within Roon, is it possible to discover albums in Tidal that are not currently in your Roon library and add them to your Roon library? I only know how to add albums to “my music” within the Tidal app now but this seems a round about way to add music to my library.

So you know how you can add them to Roon by using the Tidal application and selecting an album as a favorite.

As to how to do this in Roon, You could choose Browse - Tidal - Select an album and choose “Add to Library”.

Or you can use the Search function in Roon, i.e., The Doors, then select Tidal Albums, select one that you want and choose “Add to Library”.

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Thanks, very helpful! Great functionality!

Is there also a way to remove a Tidal album from my library within Roon? Or do I need to do that in Tidal?

Select album with right click -> Edit -> Delete album

Cool. How do you do it through the iPad app?

If I remember correct, “long press” instead of “right click”