How do I add to the queue?

This may seem an idiotic question but there doesn’t seem to be a tutorial for Roon beginners. How do you add a song to the queue? There is not tab, menu, command that does this. No left click right click or drag and drop. Nothing ever seems to go into the queue. Whats up with that?

When you click on an album or song, the play screen that pops up includes ‘play next’ and ‘add to queue’ options.

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There is the User Guide… There’s a difference between a Playlist and the Queue in Roon, and there’s also History, which will show you all the tracks that you have played in reverse order.

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Thanks. Didn’t realise the queue option appeared when another song was playing.

Another cool thing, in radio mode, from the now playing screen you can build a queue with the thumbs up icon…

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Thanks for that Geoff. I have never paid much attention to that aspect of Roon before as I very much tend to prefer selecting an album and then just Play the whole album. And on the subject of Roon features I haven’t paid much attention to before, I have just discovered the Focus Inspector… :slight_smile: Fascinating is the only word for it!