How do I adjust volume on a power amplifier

I am thinking about upgrading my cheapo Insignia integrated amplifier to this power amp…

My RoonBridge is a Raspberry Pi with Hifiberry DAC + Pro.

Once I connect my RoonBridge to the power amp, how would I adjust the volume?

The power amp has neither a remote control, nor a knob to adjust the volume.

Does that mean I will have to get a pre-amp?

Is there another way to adjust the volume?

Thank you!

A power amp typically has a fixed gain (e.g. 29 dB). Any volume control must be done in an upstream component.


Hi @Jacob,

Following on from Andrew’s post … here’s some options for you to consider:

  1. Preamp (passive or active)
  2. DAC with built in preamp
  3. Roon’s digital attenuation

With #3, if you found have to use lots of digital attenuation … then consider adding a couple of fixed attenuators between the DAC and power amp … thus reducing the amount of digital attenuation required.

Your intergrated amp is a pre and a power amp all in one box together, hence the word ‘Intergrated’.

If you buy a power amp to separated out the components, you also need a pre amp to go with it.

All your devices ‘ inputs connect into the pre amp…and then you just have one cable going from your pre to your power…

@Carl @Dan_Mason @WiWavelength thank you very much for the feedback guys, it helped a lot.

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Coming late to this.

Schiit makes a $50 ‘pre-amp’ whose sole purpose is to control volume in a setup that has amps only.

While you’re on the site, check out their new amp, the Vidar. Run as a monoblock @ 400 wpc or as a 2 channel amp @100 wpc. A neat little device at $700 per unit.

Thanks for the recommendations! @xxx

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But if your DAC has a volume dial - then you can go straight from your DAC to your power-amp ( with no pre-amp).