How do I approximate the preset for the LCD X 2021 headphones mentioned in the Audeze preset article on the Roon Help Centre?

In the article, it states, “Audeze Presets are not included in MUSE for ARC but can be approximated using EQ.”

From these results you can get the EQ setting required

and enter them into MUSE on ARC, saving them against a Preset.

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Will this sound like the preset that’s built into Roon?

The preset is a Convolution filter, which is not supported by Arc.
The preset in Roon is provided by Audeze

Arc supports an EQ filter.
The measurements provided are based on a 3rd party measurement.

I would generate a Convolution filter based on the 3rd party measurements, and see if the EQ it provides sounds the same as the manufacture provided filter.

Then see if the EQ filter in Arc sounds the same as the convolution filters.

But there are 3 different EQ settings here, that may or may not sound the same.

Thank you for that info. Do you know of a good guide on how to create the filter based on measurements?

Thanks for this @simon_pepper . I wonder if you could do a chart like this for LCD-XC 2021 headphone MUSE EQ settings? I tried to do it myself from the link that you listed, I am a little uncertain about the settings.

I did go ahead and enter the LCD-X settings in MUSE EQ that you have in this chart. Does this look about right?


Ok I did have a go at entering the settings from the Audeze LCD-XC ParametricEQ.txt that you kindly pointed us to. I’m not sure if I’ve done it right, but here is a screenshot.

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When this is the Parametric EQ settings

And the EQ is the yellow line in the middle

Wouild just check the bands again for the XC

This is the measurement chart for the LCD-X

So the curve in ARC MUSE does look like the yellow EQ curve.
Just check the top band setting.again.