How do I bitstream MQA to my DAC

The main settings I am confused about are: “MQA Capabilities” and “Enabled MQA Core Decoder”.

I don’t want Roon to touch anything and send it straight to my DAC. I am really not sure what settings to use.

I am showing 24bit/48khz on MQA tracks?

Your signal path already shown that Roon is not doing any MQA core decoding. Just disable ‘MQA core decoder’ in the device setup.

MusicFidelity is correct, but could I just check a couple of things with you.

I can see that you are using Tidal because of the signal path information in your screenshot. However, I am not entirely clear as to why you don’t want Roon to ‘touch anything’. Do you have a DAC that is capable of unfolding MQA? If you do then I understand, and agree entirely with MusicFidelity’s post. However, if your DAC is not MQA enabled, then I would suggest that you let Roon carry out the first unfold for MQA source material.

That’s a bit heavy handed as it a global setting, I would recommend just settin the zone’s MQA Capabilities to reflect those of the connected DAC … and Roon will do the right thing in all circumstances.

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