How do I copy FLAC files to Nucleus

I want to transfer my CD’s to my Nucleus SSD in FLAC format. I have a MacBookAir which has iTunes as the music app, but it doesn’t manage FLAC files or allow them to be recorded for later transfer. Is there a good 3rd party app available to assist me that runs on MAC that I could purchase or download? Very willing to pay for such an app if it is both good and efficient. Thanks, Steve H.

To convert the non DRM iTunes files to FLAC you can use the free and excellent XLD.

You can send the developer a few $ as this is donation ware.

Then just transfer the files over the network as you would any other file.

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I use XLD on the Mac to rip discs to FLAC. It’s fast and free. Another good free one is xACT.

Oops. Just saw @BCBC 's post.

Any particular reason you don’t want to use Apple Lossless?

Thanks for your quick response. If I understand you correctly your recommendation would convert existing iTunes files (mp3 for instance) to FLAC file format. If I wanted to load existing CD’s again directly into FLAC format would I use a different service? All my CD’s are not in iTunes.

No particular reason although all my CD’s are not in iTunes.

I’m not sure what that has to do with anything. iTunes can rip CDs to Apple Lossless, and Roon can play them. iTunes can rip-and-eject, too. (XLD can do this, also)

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So, you are suggesting ripping all my CD’s to iTunes using the Apple Lossless format and then converting them using XLD instead of copying them to a different app than iTunes in FLAC format and then dragging and dropping them onto my SSD in the Nucleus?

No, I was just pointing out that you can rip them to Apple Lossless with the setup you have now, and then stick them on the Nucleus, where those same Apple Lossless files will play just as well as FLACs.

There isn’t any “copying to an app”:
Put in CD. Rip CD. Move files to Nucleus. Listen to files.

Rip CD with iTunes or XLD. Choose which ever format you want.
FLAC isn’t a requirement for Roon.

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Thank you for your recommendation.

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