How do I correct an album shown correct but sorts wrong?

Content you’re reporting an issue with

Artist: Dead Brain Cells
Album: DBC

I once had the artist in my collection tagged as DBC but corrected that. As you can see here from the screenshot from JRiver Media Center:

Have you made any edits to this content in Roon?

I tried, I forced a refresh on local files.
I edited metadata preference between local or Roon.
I tried editing the values.
I tried forcing Primary artist.

Is the album identified in Roon?

Yes, its identified.

Is this content from local files, TIDAL, or Qobuz?

I shared a screenshot above from JR Media Center.

Screenshot of import settings

That’s a lotta screenshots …

Description of the issue

I don’t know whether this has to do wioth the fact that the albums once were listed as Artist DBC. The album Universe was correctly picked up and rearranged to “Dead Brain Cells”, but the album DBC was not. It is still showing with those 3 weird figures which don’t even remotely look like the handsome folk they actually are. Besides, they are one man short:

(oke that was a joke fella’s).

PS. Ive uploaded that picture for the band but its not picking it up.

It’s likely got its knickers in a twist due to you changing it in situation it does happen. Are the filenames and artist folder all correct for Dead Brain Cells? DBC will be another band so it’s matching what you had before to DBC. Perhaps the album is not in MusicBrainz or AllMusic? As if not then Roon might make a bad guess like this or those database have a rogue entry pointing them to each other. But sometimes equivalence issues just pop up.

First thing I would do is remove it from Roon make a copy then remove from storage. Goto Settings/Libary/Cleanup and choose the top option this will clear it completely from the database. Copy it back to your watched folder and it should pick it up if it’s got all the correct metadata and it exists in Roons metadata services.


Looks like bad artist metadata for the images that’s all. If you upload via Roon to Valence it will if they are suitable take a day or so to feed through as they have to be validated and approved, then you heart it and it will use it. Flag the other image as not being the artist and this will stop it showing.


I just hearted your images and told valence the one with the 3 isn’t the correct artist. It should update for you when it does its next metadata updates.

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I’ll go over your suggestions. Appreciate the quick reply :smiley:

Iooking as this again though there is an equivalence mismatch as it’s showing albums by The DBC and their photos yet the text is from your Dead Brain Cells (DBC) so this is always going to throw it. @joel is this wrong in Allmusic or is it a Roon malfunction?


Looks to be wrong in MusicBrainz it shows the same photo as Roon.

And this is the artist it shows albums from and likely the photos being from

Metadata a mess for all these so lucky it works at all.

Removing the files, cleaning the database and readding them fixed the issue of the albums showing separately under ‘dead brain cells’ and ‘DBC’.

So, this looks for from my end.

The picture for the band is not showing, that will take a day or so? Or should I reupload it through the ‘Add a photo’ thingy in Roon?

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Just wait and see on the photos if you uploaded them to DBC then they won’t come through if you now have Dead Brain Cells unless they are merged but then you will see albums by the other DBC to. So perhaps reupload.

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