How do I create a shared folder on my external SSD, please help me! (QNAP TS253A)

As it says really.

Id like to install roon on an external ssd but I’m having trouble right from the off.

If I understand it correctly I have to create a share on my ssd called RoonServer before anything else but I can find no way to do this.

My SSD drive is connected to the NAS via usb but is not visible when I click on external devices under the general settings tab.

Any pointers would be helpful.

Check the storage manager in the QTS web administration.
There should be an “External devices” tab on the left side.
Your SSD should be listed there.

Shared folders can only be created on internal volumes. External volumes can only be shared as a whole. In this case you have to initialize/format the disk (preferably with ext4 filesystem) in the QTS and name it “RoonServer”.
(All data on this usb-drive be erased during this process!!)

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Thank you ever so much for your quick reply. I’ll move onto the next step…
Kind regards,