How do I delete a tag [Answered]

According to some older post a tag should be deleted automatically if it is not referenced by any content.
That is not the case for me, the tag is still there, even if there is no content tagged with it anymore. How can I delete a tag in Roon 1.3?

Could you elaborate?

Hamburger menu > Tags, right-click (or tap-and-hold) the tag you want to delete, choose ‘Delete’ far right in the black bar that will appear at the top of your screen.

Hi Rene,
thank you for your quick reply, this did indeed delete the tag! But I did not see this in the UI when I was on the page before, I have a big screen and did not look in the upper right edge. I think there should be a better way for this kind of operations in the tag manager, where they belong.
The older solutions does not work anymore, i.e. a tag is not automatically deleted if it is not used anymore. But I think this is sensible i.e. correct behavior. Things should only get deleted if I explicitly tell Roon to do so.

Thank you very much

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Many Thanks RBM , i can manage my Tags .now

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