How do I disconnect rather than just stop a display?

I have an nVidia Shield TV connected to my TV and on setup Roon discovered it as a display device. My only Roon endpoint (that I actually use) is a pair of KEF LS50 wireless (Roon-compatible endpoint) fed directly over WiFi.

Earlier today I decided to try the display functionality so I clicked the volume button in the lower strip, clicked the display icon, and then did a “Display on…” and selected the only option that was my Shield. The display appeared but a couple of hours later I wanted to watch the 6pm news so I again went to the volume icon on the lower strip, then clicked on the display icon, and then clicked “Stop Display” next to the Shield (only) device. I expected that to drop me back to my TV program guide but it didn’t. Roon seems to hold open the what I assume is a Chromecast connection but, because I told it to stop displaying on my Shield, it simply displays a grey screen with a big “roon” logo in the middle.

Since I did want to catch the start of the news I ended up having to power the Shield off and back on again to get the TV picture back. Is there really no way to get Roon to release a display device immediately after the user has told it to stop using it?

Click the back button or the home button on the shield remote or controller and it goes back to the home screen and stops the ROON display mode.

Holy moly I have 14 entries for my shield in the display list…something is confused…LOL

D’oh! So it does. Thanks :blush:

Odd about that 14-displays thing. I’m only 30 hours into my Roon 14 day trial but I’ll keep an eye on mine in case I start accumulating duplicate display listings.

Thanks again for the help.

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