How do I do this?

This must be a very common thing to want to do: You’re listening to Roon Radio, and it plays something you really like–could be a movement from a symphonic work, or a song from an album, and you’d like to pick up from there–but you don’t want to interrupt the music that’s already playing.

How do you tell Roon, “continue with this album from here:”?


This is probably not “exactly” what you are looking for but:
Click on the album art to go to the album. Then click the arrow next to the “play” button. click “add next”. Only thing is that it will add the whole album so you can then go back to the queue and adjust what just got added.

You could also select the tracks in the album after the point you want it to start and then “add next”, then it will only add the tracks you selected to be played next.