How do i edit or change a CD's metadata assignment?

I’ll back up and explain my issue first.

I have the mercury Living Presence collector’s edition (let’s focus on Vol 1). It contains 51 CDs, most f whcih were previously released as individual CDs or LPs.

Now, as I rip them to Roon, i have a list of identical cover images,and “various artists”, rather than any useful information. If i dig sufficiently i can get the composer conductor etc - but that’s just awful!

I realize this begins with the metadata source, likely Mercury’s current owner. But when importing in iTunes i had options to pick the individual albums (often anyway) which fixed this.

I went into the Roon remote and tried to find ways to “edit” this information (e.g.: associate each with a different source of metadata). I could not. Basically i found no way to edit - not touching album artwork, not the three dots, not settings. So i need the secret decoder ring (why is it so obscure?).

I also need some advice on how to select the release that will give me the basics in a quick format. Itunes, for all its faults, gives me a list to choose from. Sadly, that data is not carried over into Roon.

Thanks in advance.

OK, I’ll answer my own question - but also toss either bug report or a piece of advice to Roon support. The answer is simple - go to an album, and from the 3 dots (“more functions”) select Edit. Its easy from there to re-assign the right album.


Edit does not appear on my iphone remote’s interface. Only on Mac/Windows based Roon! Is this by design? A bug? At minimum this needs to be made more clear. better yet, support it on phones which i assume have the same interface as tablets - those are typically what we control Roon from in a listening room.

Phone interface is limited. Edit with a PC or tablet using phone for selection and control.

So the iPAD (or Android tablet) app is different from the iPhone app? (Just confirming). The key is that with ROCK all control is via some remote. to Roon: why not issue the same app for both, yea the screen is small,but let us determine if its usable?

Thanks Ged.

Yes. Phone interfaces are limited by design, but as soon as you go to a tablet with enough resolution it becomes a full interface. As for deciding if something is useable, Roon have pushed us towards Tablets and most seem OK with that. You can always see if this has been raised as a feature request and support it or raise your own.