How do I find my Shared folder location?

In my strage settings, it just says “MUSIC” with no file path information. I am kind of shocked there is no right click “open folder” option.

The problem is I have a few “Music” folders on my HDD and I cannot recall which one is actually being used!

And for all my tracks, pressing the […] there is no “file info” option that should be there to find the location either. And I have rooncore and roon on the same PC.

How the heck can you just find the location of files and your share? Why doesn’t it list the actual path?

The other thing that has REALLY been bothering me about roon.

When I am browsing Tidal, I will press “add to my library” on an album, then go adding songs from it to playlists… only to discover it placed all tracks from TIDAL and not my actual library into the playlists, so it does not let me tag them.

This is extremely unintuitive and always confuses me. If I add an album to mylibrary, I should then immediately be inside of “my copy” in my library, not still in Tidal.

Try looking at this (assuming you have not changed the initial default setting C:\Users\“Your Username”\Music):

As for the Tidal question, and someone correct me if I am wrong, adding an album from Tidal just adds a “link” to the Tidal content to your library and database. The actual file is still in Tidal and gets played from Tidal “through” Roon. The data for the album is not stored locally but is retrieved from Tidal when you play it.

When you add a Tidal album to your library, you remain looking at the Tidal album as it exists in the Tidal streaming service. You have not navigated away from this to the album that is now in your library. So if you subsequently add tracks to a playlist, you are adding tracks from the Tidal album in the Tidal service to your playlist.

The album in the Tidal service, and the album in your library are two separate objects.

So if you want to add tracks from the album to a playlist, and tag them, then you need to first navigate to the album in your library and do your playlist adding and tagging on this one.

See this article for the differences between the two:

That is the default Music folder for the OS, and there is only 1. Under Windows it is: