How do I find the processing time in seconds of this filter?

AutoEq/results/oratory1990/harman_over-ear_2018/Sennheiser HD 660 S at master · jaakkopasanen/AutoEq · GitHub
I need this to set it at the resync delay to avoid filter resampling.

Pls. explain better what you’re thinking, since “resync delay” and “filter resampling” have absolutely zero to do with each other…

Well chat GPT told me to do this:

Well, that’s how good chat GPT really is - utter bull…

Let’s forget about my question in your other thread about that topic for a minute…

Just proceed like in my screenshot 1-2-3, and set whatever you think you have to set there …

Ah convolution first, parametric after? let me see

You can shuffle the the steps as you like by dragging items when clicking the “double three dot icon” or however that’s called…

Yes I figured that.
So you don’t use sample rate conversion?

As you can see…

My room-correction convolution filter is home-made with REW, imported into Roon’s convolution engine as a zip-file that includes individual filters for all sample rates.

When listening with my headphones, from the same source I also use the convolution filters, but for both sample-rate-families zipped-together, and resampled by Roon, if content differs.
No sample rate conversion for content activated there either, BTW.

Previously, when I enabled my Convolution filter on top of my Parametric EQ, it enhanced my trebles.
Now just adds headroom/ minus preamp, making it sound like it comes from the basement.
But I cannot see any extra preamp added at the signal path.

As I wrote in your second thread, show us screen shots of your PEQ and setup, please.

Now I achieved a better sound with DSD.
But this is with the ASIO driver.
DSD is gone from the WASAPI mojo driver, why?

DSD playback should be set to native or DSD via PCM?
Convert to PCM doesn’t sound good to my ears.

Roon is messing up the covers and I figured out why because all songs must be organized in folders and subfolders, to avoid it.
So the cover doesn’t match, these are my own flacs.

However with the asio driver and this setup, the sound is good, but none of the EQs have a big impact, why?
I imported the parametric setup from the convolution wav zip.

If Mojo 2 has a specific light for DSD, dsd must be something good, isn’t it?
DSD has white light, which is kinda separate from all others.

I can’t go higher than 128DSD, it will be hissing and distorted.
This setup is not flattening my Convolution EQ, but simply these EQs don’t have much effect in this setup, and in DSD via DCM either, but it sounds very good nevertheless.
Sorry my mistake, the Convolution EQ is still flattening the sound with a lot of preamp.

PEQ Filter screen shot, please…

You’re not getting any clipping with those boosts in your PEQ without headroom adjustment?
You should really use the slider to the right of the curve to pull the resulting (white) curve down to not boost frequencies, which actually is the same as entering the same value in the headroom attenuation field…

I have my headroom adjustment turned on, but it’s set to zero, I just want to see the clipping.
Yes, there is some clipping.
But it’s leveled by Roon anyways, and the distortion is not very noticeable.
Wow I just enabled the preamp with the default -3 and it only lowers the volume, but it won’t sound like from the basement, it’s not flattening it like this with the asio driver and dsp, but it does flatten it with wasapi.
Not sure why Chord recommends the wasapi.
This setup sound betters, even though the 2 EQs don’t have such big impact as with the wasapi.
Kid Francescoli really puts your speakers to test, I test with the and Cent Corps and Alive songs - some master mixing there I think - that have the biggest dope sound wise in my HD660S.
Still don’t know why DSD is gone from my wasapi options.

Any idea why I get distortion and hiss above 128DSD? That happened with wasapi dsd too, when that could be still enabled, if I remember it well.
On top of Roon EQs I also use MOJO 2 hardware eq-s.
But the crossfeed won’t do anything to my HD660S, not sure why if the Mojo 2 has very particular hardware crossfeed settings.

Ah, asio is sending it directly to Mojo, while wasapi is not, so I don’t know why does Chord recommend wasapi on windows?

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