How do I get back to playlist?

I’m a newbie and launched Roon last night for the first time. After linking to Qobuz, I saw several tiles, one of which was titled Vocal Jazz and had an image of Diana Krall. I selected that and was launched into a wonderful playlist with a great variety of singers, styles, eras and more. In addition, this list offered me the ability to thumbs-up or -down on each song. And if I selected Skip, it popped up a dialog asking me why?

So I logged in tonight and want to get back to that wonderful playlist, but it has disappeared. If I select Genre and then Vocal Jazz, it’s an entirely different playlist with only Diana Krall and Melody Gardot. There are no thumbs, nor does it ask me why I skipped a song.

I tried searching on Vocal Jazz but can’t seem to get back to that initial playlist. I checked history and it lists the songs that I played from it, but there is no link back to the playlist, only to the albums or the artists that were played.

Can anyone help me get back to that initial, wonderful experience? I’m frustrated.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide.


You need to spend some time with Roon clicking on the various headings to see how things work. You have your own music as well as music from Tidal and/or Qobuz depending on which you may subscribe to. Both of those services have their own selection of playlist as does Roon. You can have your own playlist also. Many things change daily and are there one day and gone the next unless you save them, etc.

Hey @Paul_Sterngold

Welcome to the forum!

It sounds like it was a daily mix, unfortunately they change regularly.

You can however either go into your history or queue screen multi-select all the tracks you want then use the 3 dots menu to add to a playlist of your own making.

In the future if you find a daily mix that you want to save, there is an option to create a playlist from that daily mix.

Hope this helps a bit.

If he was getting a “why did you skip this?” on day one, and none on day two, doesn’t that suggest that he was using two different systems, e.g. Roon v.s. Qobuz?

Or Qobuz within Roon. I rarely use playlist, only full albums linked from Tidal and Qobuz, so I have no idea where he was. That’s why I suggested he spend time “looking around.” It’s somewhat like looking through a set of encyclopedias. I saw a picture of a dog. Where was that?

Thanks all. I appreciate the patient assistance.

As I recall, I linked Roon to my Qobuz account and waited a bit. Eventually I saw a tile with the title Vocal Jazz, as I mentioned above. When I selected Play Now, the delightful list began. (I won’t call it a playlist, because I didn’t create it and I don’t know if technically it was a playlist in Roon terminology.)

I get that it was probably a daily mix or something transient like that.

But what I don’t get is:

  1. Why am I no longer seeing either the thumbs up/down symbols, or being asked why I skipped a track, when playing an album or a list?

  2. When I go to Genres, then select the Vocal Jazz subgenre, why am I only getting Diana Krall and Melody Gardot? Yes, they are well represented in my Qobuz albums, but last night I thumbed-up several other artists, and I have other Vocal Jazz artists on Qobuz.

Someone mentioned that maybe I’m playing Qobuz within Roon. That could be, but I don’t think I did anything differently last night or tonight. I have no music library, everything is on Qobuz, and that is the only service connected last night or tonight. (And I am not aware of the difference between playing from Roon, or playing from Qobuz within Roon- sounds like “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.”)

I’m sure that I’ll muddle through this and eventually figure it out. I was hoping that there was some way to recover that delightful list from last night and continue the joy.

Thanks for pointing me to the History feature, at least I can get back to the songs that played from the list.

Oh, and these behaviors all occurred and are occurring on my Windows 10 laptop running the Roon app. No, I did not have a senior moment and accidentally switch to the Qobuz app. :slight_smile:

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That behavior is typical for Roon’s Valence algorithm at work, when Roon’s radio function is activated to kick in, dynamically suggesting music related to what’s been in your queue once it has run empty.
You can toggle it on/off when looking at your queue screen.

If you want to see what had been played in the past, just scroll the queue up to see the history, from where you can replay or just start a single title - I’m not sure how far that history dates back, but mine is quite long…

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Thanks for this info. I’ll see if the thumbs appear again when the queue plays out. Looking forward to Roon’s suggestions.

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You just need to pay attention to what you are clicking on, the menus you are entering, the heading of the sections you are entering, etc. It’s like diving deeper and deeper into layers and you need to remember how you got there so you can get back there later.

I almost never click on the Qobuz section itself, but if you do, Qobuz has their own set of menus and headings and sections, etc.

Your Roon library is pretty static and just a catalog of your local music and your links to music in Qobuz. Otherwise, not much is static in roon. You get a lot of different things presented to you everyday. If you like a particular playlist or Daily Mix, save it.

Personally, I’m not sure where the thumbs up or down appear. I think maybe Roon Radio has that feature, but I’m not sure. Roon Radio will kick in automatically at the end of whatever you have chosen to listen to, if you have activated Roon Radio.

As I suggested earlier, spend some time clicking and clicking and backing up, etc. to get familiar with Roon features. There is no user manual and nobody can really tell you. It’s a journey you need to take.

The :+1: and :-1: are functions in Roon Radio. See this Help article for more info:


Marin got it right- when the queue has played out, Roon keeps playing (“Roon Radio”) and presents the thumbs and also asks why you skip, if you skip.

But, the thumbs up and down is a minor nit. I’ve never used it although Roon Radio kicks in multiple times per day for me. You still need to learn how to navigate your way around Roon. There are a lot of features and ways to enjoy music.

Also, clicking thumbs up does not add anything to your library. It just tells roon that somebody played this track and liked it. As far as I can tell it also doesn’t tailor future roon selections or recommendations for you individually. It’s more of an AI teaching thing for roon.

When you view a genre or sub-genre from the main menu genre page, you will only see albums/artists that are in your roon library. These titles can be either local files (which you said you don’t have) or Qobuz albums/tracks or a combination of both.

To have other artists appear under jazz vocals, you must add their albums/tracks to your roon library. This is done automatically for albums that you “like” in the Qobuz app. (It can take some time to sync.) In roon, when viewing the info about an album, you can click the circle with the plus sign in it to add it to your roon library. This will also add it to your Qobuz “liked” albums.

If you’re playing roon radio selections, you will also see a link to add the selection to your library if it’s not already there.

Same for any recommend or suggested “similar to” that roon suggests when viewing an album or artist. Just click on the recommended album and click the plus sign to add it.

You can also use search to find specific albums or artists. Roon will search against your roon library and the entire Qobuz library. You can then add the results to your roon library if they aren’t already there.

You can also use the Qobuz app to search by genre, artist, or album. You can then add the albums to both your roon and Qobuz libraries by “liking” them in the Qobuz app. This works for Qobuz playlists, too. (It may take some to sync, or you can force sync in the settings → services menu.)

After doing all this for a while you will build up your roon library, and you will find that roon is a very nice and more robust front end for Qobuz.

I just happened to run across this. It’s under Genres for you. I don’t know how often it changes.

Hi Paul. Welcome. Hope you have had a good look around. I saw your initial post last week and wondered if you had any luck so did a search to find your post again.
I note that you received some good advice from the forum members but there is something else you can look at to see what you actually heard that first day.
Go to menu, my stuff, history. Once you click on history it will give you every song you have played based on time played. Hopefully that will at least let you revisit the music you played then.
I’ve attached a couple of screenshots. My history shows over 49000 tracks I have played in the last 7-8 months.
Hope this helps. Cheers