How do I get Roon to recognize my local Composer tag Haydn, Franz Joseph as Joseph Haydn?

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The composer usually known as Franz Joseph Haydn is known to Roon only as Joseph Haydn. As a result his works are split into two different composers.

Hm. My system finds Josef (Franz Josef) Haydn as top hit for both search strings: Josef Haydn and Franz Josef Haydn. Leads to same composer page. Is this not what you experience? It is what I would expect.

Edit: Sorry, yes, it spells Joseph with a ‘ph’. Not material but for accuracy’s sake it is mentioned :smiley: .

I think you’re going to have to post some screenshots illustrating the metadata that is leading to two separate Haydns. This is probably some bad metadata in your collection. My Roon certainly knows that they are the same person.

@Paul_Farrar Please follow the above advice. There’s a reason we have a template with these items, one of which is that it’s nigh on impossible to provide support for something that is not working for you when we don’t know exactly what it is (and other users don’t have a similar problem).

Content you’re reporting an issue with

Have you made any edits to this content in Roon?

Is this content from local files, TIDAL, or Qobuz?

Screenshot of import settings

This is my main complaint with Roon. Roon doesn’t “know classical music”. To get it to work on local files, one has to meticulously tweak tags, filenames, etc. to satisfy Roon’s opaque algorithms, and even then things often don’t work right. Regardless of the metadata, Roon should know that Josef Haydn, Joseph Haydn, Franz Josef Haydn, Franz Joseph Haydn, “Haydn, Franz Joseph”, etc. are the same composer; so that if a file has tag “TCOM Haydn, Franz Joseph”, it doesn’t create a user-defined composer named “Haydn, Franz Joseph” and list the recording under him.

Yeah. I get your frustration, but really… you may be expecting too much for a search algorithm to know how to parse your own custom tag fields. I suggest you do yourself a favor and make your TCOM field not comma’d, just do it straight… and it will likely work as you expect it to. 2¢.

Always a worthwhile read:

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Hello @Paul_Farrar

Please be so kind as to use the template form when posting your metadata issues. This information helps us to identify the origin of your problem and, hopefully, provide answers more quickly. It also helps maintain consistency in reporting so we can repurpose these metadata reports when we’re implementing system wide fixes and improvements to metadata displays.

I’d like to take a moment to touch on this. We’re not at all secretive about our metadata model. You’ll find an abundance of metadata information in our Knowledge Base. The link that @BlackJack provided in the gold standard explanation on how Roon treats metadata tags. In it we include the following note, which seems to have caused the problem you’re having.

Fortunately, with MP3tag you can quickly correct the Composer file tags with bulk edits.

Or you can merge your Composer entities in Roon with ours, make sure to set ours as primary and you’re all set.

I do understand Roon’s comments and positions about this. They are Roon-centric – but file-based playback was thoroughly exercised by many of us before Roon existed, and there are valid reasons that files may be tagged with Lastname, Firstname (date). Some of us still use other players for our classical music files at times, because other software provides ways of finding and categorizing things that Roon doesn’t even try to compete with.

So, the statement “You will have much better luck with … than with …” may be true, but there’s a case to be made that it describes an unfortunate limitation, not a feature.

Hi @Mike-48,

These recommendations are designed for Roon customers operating inside the Roon ecosystem. We’re not creating metadata standards for other software or use cases.

It’s not necessary to alter file tags in order to import one’s music into Roon. The comments above provide guidance to those who would like Roon to identify their music files without the need for additional work. One can always chose to leave their tags as-is and merge their files with the corresponding Composer in Roon. Thanks.

I’ve been experimenting with tags. It already knows “Haydn, Joseph” = “Joseph Haydn” and “Franz Joseph Haydn” = “Joseph Haydn”, but doesn’t know “Haydn, Franz Joseph” = “Joseph Haydn”. I think the blank may be throwing off the parser. It may use a regexp to turn it into “Franz Haydn”, which it doesn’t recognize, and then creates a user-defined composer using the full string, “Haydn, Franz Joseph”. This should be an easy fix for them (and will resolve future problems), unlike the total mess that is Composition search. I guess, for now, I’ll just retag several hundred files.

Are you just blowing this off? Or are you filing a ticket?

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