How do I get the sound to come out of my speakers [Resolved]

I set up my oppo 205 unit on roon through a Windows 10 pc. The Oppo is ethernet connected to my router as is my pc. I use the Oppo as a preamp with analog audio going to an amp and then the amp is connected to a 5.1 sound system in my living room. How do I get the sound to come out of the speakers in the living room as right now all I get is sound out of the speakers on my pc? Thanks for your help. Gary

I assume you have set it us as a zone in settings > audio

Select the oppo zone using the icon at the bottom left that isn’t the volume.


It looks like I got it to work. At first when I added the Oppo it did not play but it looks like it is working now. I do notice however, that once you use it on Roon, it will stop anything else that is playing through the Oppo without a warning; any other connected devices like a Roku etc. Not a big deal however. Thanks.