How do I go about managing duplicate albums that I have locally and marked as a favorite on Tidal?

I just installed Roon and got on the trial. Hoping to make it work right before the trial is up. I have Tidal and linked my library.

Problem is, I have a lotttttt of albums that are showing up twice. Because I’ll have a local version of an album, and then also have that album favorited in Tidal. This is very annoying as part of the reason I came to Tidal is to clean up stuff like that (Spotify is a mess).

From what I understand from other posts, this is an intended behaviour of Roon. I don’t have Hidden Files checked, so that’s not an issue.

How have others tackled this problem? Do I need to go into Tidal desperately and unfavorite albums? I see that I can’t remove Tidal albums from Roon from inside of the Roon app.

Also, if say I have 2 songs from an album locally. If I add the remaining songs from Tidal, will it combine the Tidal tracks with the local songs for one seamless album?

When you’re viewing an album in Roon, there’s a tab named Versions where you can find each version of the album you have, whether it’s a locally stored album, a Tidal album, or from Qobuz. To to the right of the album there are three dots, like a vertical ellipses. If you click on that you will see an option to delete the album. Perhaps this can be a starting point for you? I too have multiple duplicates among the two streaming services and my own hi-res files but I gave up on keeping it organized. The bottom line is that I can find pretty much any album at the drop of a hat and choose which version to play and not have to worry about the files themselves. There’s even an option in the settings to imprint the sound quality on the album image so I can always be sure I’m listening to the highest resolution, even though I probably fool myself that I can tell the difference!

From the Album view select the duplicate albums and from the Edit menu choose Group Alternate Versions. You can select the preferred version from the Album view.

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It’s annoying that Roon sees them as Versions of the same album, but will show them on the Album view as independent Albums - until you “Group Alternate Versions”

I’m a new user and have been going through this manual exercise for each of my albums individually- about halfway through my library. It’s very frustrating. I wish there was a more automated way of doing this.

Worth noting that even if you swap out album versions, if the songs from the other version is in a playlist, it will still point to the other version (the original version).

Maybe, but there is a very good reason for this. It’s to accommodate different releases, e.g. original release, remaster etc., and different versions of the same release, i.e. Red Book, DSD, Hi-Res, MQA etc. Also, many of us started with Roon and later added either TIDAL or Qobuz, so the effort hasn’t been an issue–maybe a feature request to set default behaviour is needed?

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No, the normal behavior is that Roon shows only the Primary version in the browser, the other ones are visible only under Versions.
If that doesn’t happen for you, either Hidden albums are shown (turn that off), or they are not automatically identified as the same album, and in that case you need to manually group them. Only in that case, for me it happened with some old albums but hasn’t happened in years.

Hidden Albums is Off. It’s quite weird. For example if there is a regular album and an extended version, both are displayed on the main album view, but if I go into any one of them, and select “Versions” - both albums are displayed as versions of the same album. Following the other version, brings me back to the other album on the main view

Feels like those hallways in horror movies with many doors - each door leading back into the same hallway through another door.

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I have found that if I have the Tidal or Qobuz version in my library first, and then, I add a local file version, it shows up separately and I have to merge the versions.

I did find this when I first started and did require some clean up. When I added Qobuz using Soundiiz it was the same and did not add them to same versions rest in my library from local and Tidal. It takes some time to sort and is far from fun.

Hi Race,

I was curious about being able to imprint the sound quality on the album image.

Do you mind telling me where that setting is please.

Many thanks


I may be incorrect because I can’t find that setting either. Perhaps I meant that the source gets imprinted on the cover (library, Tidal, etc)?

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Many thanks