How do I identify an artist?

I have a bought a live record with Dead & Company that Roon cannot identify. That is OK since there does not seem to be any info on that album available anywhere, but the artist has a bio on Allmusic.

How can I get Roon to retrieve the information about the artist?
Right now all I have is the artist name and a picture that I have added myself.

I do this all the time with bootlegs and have no issue.
Just go to edit/primary artist and put The name in, a Roon recognised name will appear in the drop down list of its there…


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But only if it’s there. The way around this is to add an album where that artist appears. Once you’ve done that Roon will sometimes make the link automatically, but if not then you can use Chris’s method.

If you wish, you can then delete that added album.

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If you bought it from a mail order site (not eBay) you can add the album to MusicBrainz yourself. Identify it as a bootleg and it should appear in Roon.

This should help dragging the artist info in as well.

Thank you all for the input.
Adding another album with this performer will be hard, I only have this one.
Have now added the album to MusicBrainz, hopefully it will not be long until it is approved.

Hi @Andreas_Andersson,

In order to get an identified artist you’ll need to have an identified album from that artist.

As suggested above, adding the album to MusicBrainz is definitely a great plan! Once it’s approved by MusicBrainz it can take a couple weeks to make its way to your Roon library.

MusicBrainz allows you enter edits without seeking peer review. If it is a new album and I have the necessary info I don’t tend to waste time on the review stage.

If I’m editing existing albums I would usually leave it for peer review. You do get some idiots mind you. I sourced a photo from an eBay auction that clearly set out an album’s performers etc. I uploaded the picture and someone vetoed it because “eBay is not a source”. If I’d said it was my own scan they wouldn’t have blinked an eye.

I have found that most of the time it’s less than a week before Roon picks up additions.

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