How do I remove a "backup location"


I subscribed to a free trial 2 days ago and loving the roon layout. i have completed a backup to my hard drive-documents folder. i also added my time capsule which i now know is not recommended. it is named my book studio in roon. i cannot find a way to delete it from the backup section? can i get some advice here thanks.

this when going into manual backup-select location-folder. using roon exclusively with tidal for now.

Settings > Backups > “View” Scheduled Backups

Then touch the “three dots” menu next to your Time Capsule backup and select “Edit”.

Then touch the “Delete” button.

hi david,

the mybook studio time capsule does not show in scheduled backups. its only when you press backup and select location. here it shows as mybook studio. the three dots or any method for deleting it does not show up???

thanks mohab very impressed with roon so far even though i’m just using tidal integration.

It sounds like maybe you haven’t saved the backup location (which is good, I guess, in this instance).

If you “View” the scheduled backups, and the Time Capsule/MyBook location doesn’t show up in the list, then either (probably) it was never saved as a location, or you deleted that location at some point.

Do you have any indication that backups are being made to the location in question? If you “Find” backups, does the location show up there? If the backup location is active, you should see a “RoonBackups” folder somewhere in the directory hierarchy of the location.

Its not showing in scheduled backups. only when pressing backup and select location does it show. there is no indication roon data has been saved to the myboook studio. i have successfully backed up to my imac’s hard drive in documents. when selecting mybook studio it does show a roon backups folder. however i cannot find any way to delete the mybook studio still.

I would just delete the RoonBackups folder on the MyBook. Mount that volume in the Mac Finder, delete that folder, and listen to some relaxing music. :wink:

(I don’t know if you have a Dropbox account, but that works well for me as a cloud backup location for my Roon database. The basic Dropbox account is free.)

is there any harm in leaving mybookstudio on roon especially as i’m not planning to use it for backups. are backups to a time capsule definitely not a good idea. i was unable to delete the roon backups folder files as they are too large.

Not really sure either way, but I avoid the Apple Time Capsule. It just doesn’t seem like a good value proposition to me. I mostly back up to external hard drives (more specifically, a bare drive in a drive dock).

This doesn’t make sense to me. You should be able to delete the unwanted RoonBackups folder.

The problem is that Roon may be running during the automatic backup. If so, then that may lead to a corrupt backup of the database. My understanding is that if Roon is shut down during, say, a scheduled automatic backup, then all should be well.

@support i’ve been trying to figure out the best way to use time machine on my mac with roon backups and came across the comment above which is really helpful:

  1. can i turn off automatic backups (time machine) on my external hard drive when using roon and just turn them back on again when not using roon? that would solve the problems here. when automatic backups are off the device just becomes a normal external hard drive?

  2. i want to manually ‘back up now’ which i have done to the documents folder on my mac. here i understand roon is paused and not turned off but i have also read you must turn off roon core when backing up which doesn’t make sense here? do you also turn off with scheduled back ups?

  3. having been a roon member for three days everything is great apart from the backup issues.

  4. finally if i want to exclude roon from time machine backups which folder do i pick. i am not fully IT savvy here. i could not find library/roon or similar anywhere? either way i will be switching the automatic back up off when using roon as i don’t like the extra noise this adds to the system. if i did exclude roon then i understand autobackups (when not using roon) would not be able to do a backup of the roon data on my mac’s hd so it is unlikely i will do that.

Hi @mohab_hassan ---- Thank you for the feedback, very glad to hear you’ve been enjoying the Roon experience, thus far :slight_smile:

Moving forward, in regard to the use of backups in Roon. Our knowledge base has very good documentation on how we recommend configuring backups in the application as well as things to look out for/avoid. If you haven’t yet, I would recommend giving the following article a read (listed below) and if you have any further questions drop me a flag (ie @Eric) and I will be glad to lend a hand!

Knowledge Base: Backup


Your Knowledge Base says the following:
We strongly recommend against using Time Machine, Crashplan, Backblaze, or other backup applications to backup your “live” Roon database.

What do I need to do to not have Time Machine backup my live Roon database. I am not sure where it is located.

Just use Roon own backup function.