How do I remove a bad self created tag?

Ok, I am pretty sure this is simple but I cannot see how to do it so can someone enlighten me please.

All I want to do is remove a self created tag, its one I realised I had misspelt, after I had already hit save…grrr.
Not the end of the world but it annoys the heck out of me every time I go to add to tag and see it sitting there!
See picture.
Thank you!

Hi, from the ‘Hamburger Menu’ select ‘My Stuff—Tags’. Then select the tag you wish to delete, and in the upper right appears a button to delete it.

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You can also edit a tag name if you misspell by clicking on the tag then Edit via 3 dots menu.
edit 1

edit 2

Thank you Andreas, I knew it was simple!

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Looks like that will also work, many thanks
I am now much enlightened and humbled all at once!


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