How do I remove Qobuz favourites from Roon library

If I select an album as “favourite” in Qobuz and then remove it from favorites in Qobuz it remains in my library in Roon as a Qobuz favorite. I want them to go away.

How about selecting as follows:

Menu → My Stuff → Playlist → then select a playlist → … → delete

Similarly, for album

Menu → My Library → Albums → the select an album->. … → delete

In your Roon Library, click on the album, then click on the three dots and remove it from your Roon library. I never go to the Qobuz app or Qobuz within Roon. It will sync automatically or you can sync manually.

Maybe there is some delay in synchronizing your Qobuz account and your Roon library. I am not a Qobuz user myself, I use Tidal. When I unfavourite an album inside the Tidal app, it will be gone from my Roon library within a minute or so.
But within Roon settings, there also is an option to sync between the two. Like this. I assume this also works with Qobuz.


no can do same with any old I tunes playlists that Morph their way in because they happen to be on a drive that has your other files -

This is the answer!

This works but it is a lot of fuss to do what I would like to happen automatically when I remove it from favourites on Qobuz. The Qobuz library syncs automatically but only in “My Qobuz” not my library. It would be easier to do it (select, press 3 dots, press remove to library, return to library) if I did not first usually have to log out and log back in to get “focus” to come up with content. Then I have to select the different storage to show the Qobuz because I normally have to turn it off because it creates confusion.

No the library should sync both ways. If I remove an album in Qobuz it is removed from Roon on next sync with Qobuz. Something is broken if this is not happening for you and you should raise a support request.

Sync to Roons library isn’t instant but the My Qobuz section is using the Qobuz API to show content direct from your Account so will be more or less instant of it showing up as its not showing your Roon library just Qobuz via the API. Your library doesn’t use the API for its management. The two sections are not the same and operate slightly differently. You can force a sync by going into services and clicking Qobuz.

Often reasons they are not being removed is because the verion is orphaned as Qobuz changed the version in thier library and this does not update in Roon and leaves an orphaned entry you has to remove manually or their is something wrong with your account and Roon. But under normal circumstances deletion in Roon or Qobuz will delete it in Qobuz or Roon.

Maybe you are dealing with the same ‘feature’ that I and some other Roon/Qobuz users are ‘benefitting’ from. I have reported several times, without any resolution.
I will show what happens on my side, feel free to verify if this is also the case for you.

I have added 2 (pre-release) albums to My Library - PJ Harvey & Rhiannon Giddens via the Qobuz app

both albums are shown as well in the Roon-Qobuz-My Qobuz view

I now go the Qobuz webbrowser to unfavorize the PJ Harvey album

After clicking the ‘remove’ button, the album is removed.

Switching back to Roon, and execute a manual sync with Qobuz

The album is also removed from roon-Qobuz-My Qobuz-Favorites (sorry no picture) , but remains in My Library (and it will remain there forever until I remove it in My Library, it is NOT a matter of time)

Now I am doing the same exercise for the Rhiannon Giddens album, but this time I will use the Qobuz app instead of the Qobuz webpage.

(the PJ Harvey album was already removed of course)

So I unheart the Rhiannon Giddens album

and as expected the album is removed from Favorites

Back to Roon.
After manual Qobuz synchronization (just to win time) , in Roon-Qobuz-My Qobuz-Favorites

the album has disappeared (as well as the PJ Harvey album form the previous step)

now back to Roon-My Library view:

Magically, the Rhiannon Giddens album has been removed (as expected) , the PJ Harvey is still there (and will remain there independant of the Roon-Qobuz synchronizations)

To summarize : for me (and some others) Roon - Qobuz synchronisation works flawlessly using the Qobuz app.
Roon - Qobuz synchronisation does not work using the Qobuz website.

Now there will be posts from users (again) that will say that it works with the Qobuz website as well.
Good for them, but for me it does not for more then 6 months now.

Feel free to try it out for yourself. Good luck


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Yes, this is the issue. I almost never use the app. However, I can use it to remove favourites. Thank you!

However, I just noticed that more recent Qobuz favourites do not appear in the library at all, only in My Qobuz. So, something has changed. I’d be happy if this means I can select them to appear in the library. I change the metadata in the library.

Okay I have just noticed something that might be related to this. For me Roon isnt removing any Qobuz favourites if I delete them via Roon. Not something I have noticed before. I am having a clear out of duplicates in Qobuz of my own files which there is a larger number of. I can remove them, but later it adds them straight back in on the next Qobuz sync as its not removing them from Qobuz. I have put in a support ticket as something funky is going on with Qobuz/Roon sync.

I am doing well enough with this. I found I could select multiple albums in the album library and remove them at the same time.

For some reason more recent Qobuz favourites are not appearing in the regular album library, nor are some of the older favourites that still are in My Qobuz, but I can add them if I wish and I am pleased not to have them coming in without my asking. However, I will keep an eye on it and see if what happened to you also happens to me!

I do this they come back as they are not being removed from Qobuz by Roon. I don’t want to delete 500+ files manually in Qobuz as I have no way to show the ones I want to remove in it.

Maybe you could try to select e.g. 5 duplicate ‘Qobuz’ albums in Roon and remove them from your library.
See if it works then.
I am suspicious that you unwillingly overloading the synchronization ‘buffer’ between Roon and Qobuz.

Same for just one album it’s not deleting them from Qobuz favourites.

Just as an extra test , could you look for an album in Qobuz - My Qobuz - Favorite Albums

that has NOT yet added to My Library , (+ sign still available)

Then add that one to your Library, and when succesfull remove it again.
See what happens with that one.


Hi, in Qobuz favorites in My Qobuz on Roon I added an album to the library, looked at it in the library, removed it from the library, checked that it was still in favourites, which it was.

Did you force a manual sync between Roon and Qobuz in Roon - Settings - Services - Qobuz - Edit - Sync Library Now?

I just did the same exercise myself, and I had indeed to force the manual update.
I also had to refresh the Roon - Qobuz - My Qobuz page, as the album was still visible (cached ?).
After refreshing the screen it was removed, and also unhearted in Qobuz itself.

If you did, there is unfortunately a real issue at your side


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