How do I reset Roon (Core)

Question, I am experimenting with Roon a bit and I want to know if this is possible before I proceed further.

I have two locations (folders) on my NAS for music. The primary is a folder called “Music” and the secondary a folder called “Music Other”

I have pointed Roon to the “Music” folder and everything has indexed properly etc.

If I want to add the second music folder “Music Other” I do know how to do that. But after adding if I decide I no longer want any of the music content in “Music Other” to show up in Roon, how do I do that?

I don’t know if there is a way to “reset” Roon, and also if there is a way just to remove the music contents from the second music folder, “Music Other”.

Thank you!

Hi bplexico,

You can easily add and mute various storage locations both local and networked through watched folders Settings>Storage tab. Hope this helps!

I believe it does, so if I no longer want the contents of the second or for that matter any folder to appear in Roon I just choose to “Disable” it, is that correct?

If yes, is there also a way to delete that folder from being listed in the future?

Correct, once added if you click on the little gears next to the storage location you will see either options.

Thanks, that is so cool, just tried it!

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Hello, this is a really nice feature.

It would be even more powerful if I could set it per profile. This way I could avoid having to browse through my daughter’s teenage music. Can this be considered for a future version?


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@nununo - Interesting idea, I had never thought about that. In my case it would allow me to avoid seeing my significant others iTunes music which I only load lest she want to play it.

Sort of like an exclude feature one could set in their profile. In other words you configure Roon Core for all music, and then based on profile you could exclude a folder or folders.


I believe this is already on the roadmap for future releases and will be rolled out as part of expanded manual editing functionality, with ability to suppress genres, albums etc.


@nununo - I stumbled across this nugget tonight - using Focus and bookmarks it would accomplish what you want. See the reply from danny to the initial post.

Hi bplexico, I think it does indeed accomplish what I want. Thanks!