How do I revert a NUC to factory settings

… to start ROCK installation all over?

I updated its BIOS a few weeks ago :roll_eyes: then found reboot fails since (gets stuck somewhere in the process)
Though if I turn it off then back on everything, Roon included, works fine

(swear I’ll never touch it again afterwards :rofl: )

oh… it’s a Cirrus7 with a NUC8i7 inside

I suppose you could try reinstalling the Roon OS using the Reinstall option on the Web Administration Page? That will preserve your Roon database and settings, so it’s not back to “factory settings”…

thank you @Geoff_Coupe: already done, to no avail :cry:

might try once more but… :no_mouth:
fear I messed up something after the BIOS update, while checking if everything was still set ok

Once one updates the BIOS that, as Intel warns, can’t be reverted.

Really a shame, since you didn’t need to update the BIOS, at all.

That ROCK install step really needs to be re-written. It causes more harm than good.

Depending on how old your NUC is, Intel might replace a bricked unit.

Well, it might be possible to do a BIOS recovery

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@xxx thankfully it is not bricked: works absolutely fine… reboot issue apart

@Geoff_Coupe will give that a try, thanks :slight_smile:

Or really just an F2 and then F9 to reset to default settings. Reboot, and then change the needed BIOS settings for ROCK.

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hhhhmmmm… found a PC keyboard (Mac guy here) and was about trying the F2-F9 thing

but tried first a reboot (from web UI) and… it succeeded
so… looks reboot only fails if/when the NUC has been running for more than week :no_mouth:

This has been discussed for ages that the install guide should be changed. But Roon doesnt seem to give a [moderated] if users are getting themselves into trouble for no good reason with that totally stupid and redundant firmware upgrade.

I had the very same issues as the Op.

ok… found a PC keyboard and performed an F2-F9

everything was looking fine afterwards but… following day I found the NUC did shut down :no_mouth:
re-booted and all was looking fine again but… one more day and one more auto-shutdown :open_mouth:

I took another look at BIOS settings (F2) and found the internal M2 SSD wasn’t listed in boot devices :cold_sweat:
couldn’t find a way to re-add it there so… performed again a BIOS update (same version) then proceeded to another F9 and a clean ROCK install (booting from ROCK’s installer on a USB stick) followed by a backup restore

booting and re-booting, afterwards, was working fine but… taking a quite long time
had another look at BIOS settings and found the SSD was not listed as primary boot device
chenged so it now is and… everything looks finally to be working fine (but I’m still keeping my fingers crossed)

what a nightmare! I swear I will NEVER update/touch BIOS again :rofl: