How do I rip my cd collection into Roon?

MacBook Pro I also have a usb connected superdrive

Nucleus with internal 1TB storage and 2TB usb storage

meridian 218 / 5200 floor speakers for
play back

Gigabit internet connection

one half TB music file size about 900 albums

But to save you scrolling though those results:

In both cases you want it set to rip at 44.1Khz/16bit Lossless FLAC (RedBook CD resolution). You can rip the CDs to a local drive attached to a PC or Mac and then copy them into your Roon library.

For a one off CD you can use the CD Ripper extension in Roon OS. But there is no user real user interface and the resulting rip won’t have nice folder names. Instead it creates folders using unique IDs. This is fine for use with Roon but may be an issue if you want to use those rips in another application.

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I’ve used the free XLD app to rip several hundred CDs on my Macbook with a CD drive. I’ve also used non-free Metadatics, and more recently Mp3tag, to add/correct metadata tags in some rips before moving them to my Roon music folders.

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