How do I see the Classical and Composition views that are new in 1.7?

I’m a newbie to Roon (installed it at the weekend) and am still finding my way around. I just read a thread introducing the features in 1.7 and there was something about enhanced views for Classical composers/compositions (see the pic).

My question is: how do I see a view like that in the pic? When I go to the Composers or Compositions section in Roon, I only see what is in my library, but that screenshot shows Qobuz/TIDAL as sources too.
How do I get to search the streaming services? The “Sorted by Most Popular” option isn’t visible for me, as I only see what is in my library.

Note, I tried going to Browse/Genres but this doesn’t help either, same with a top-level search. I have no idea how to get to a screen like the one shown in the screenshot.

Seems there’s nothing like setting out a problem to clear one’s mind! I found a way to view it now: I have to click on the individual composer in my library first, to then see the alternatives on the streaming services.

When I looked at the screenshot initially, I thought that it was actually browsing on Romantic composers, but that’s just the Period heading for the composer you’ve selected in your library (e.g. Schubert).

Thanks for showing me that, I hadn’t seen it because I don’t listen to classical music much. And it was interesting to see that the sort orders available was much richer for classical composers than for modern jazz composers.

Note that this display is available in many ways, not just if you start in the Composers browser. If you are looking at an album, the composer name is usually listed in several places, under Credits and often under each track. Once you click on that you get to the same composer page. This is a general fact of Roon, there are many ways to navigate among the web of relationships.

In some cases, a composer may also be a performer and then you can choose either perspective with the buttons on the right. Not for Mozart, but both Leonard Bernstein and Bob Dylan.

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Very cool. I didn’t know this existed.

Thank you

As has been mentioned there are many routes to this screen. You can also get there from the main menu. Just click on the hamburger icon top left. Then click on “Compositions”. From there you can limit the view to Classical compositions if you wish and then narrow your search down to a specific Composition/Composer. Then click on a composition to get to the view in your screenshot.

BTW, this has all been here since at least v1.2, maybe earlier. So it is not “new”. There are several feature requests as issues have emerged over time but there has been little change. One issue that has generated a lot of posts is that the view doesn’t scale well with the performance volumes typical in the Classical genre. It is difficult to see but the search term in your screen shot looks like Tchaikovsky / Symphony No. 4. There are 517 performances. A list like this is very difficult to navigate, particularly if you are looking for a complete performance (rather than a partial performance of a single movement typical in compilation albums) and it can be much worse. For example, Mozart’s “Eine Kliene Nacht Musik” will return over 2,800 performances from Qobuz.

Yes it would be really useful to cut out results from compilations and such. When searching for performances of K662, the second match from the top linked to the soundtrack from Out of Africa!