How do I send my Roon favs to another Roon member

I’m trying to send some of my music favorites to my brother who is also on Roon. Is there a way to share artists, playlists and songs ?



The only way I know is to use Soundiz and have him give you access to one of his streaming services accounts. I sent some playlists to my daughter’s Spotify account this way.

Thanks Jim…. I’m so off the mark here ! I meant to ask this question to Qobuz users. Not Roon

You could use Soundiz for Qobuz to Qobuz if you have access to his account.

But for sharing single items like songs and playlists from Qobuz to Qobuz you can simply click Share in the Qobuz app and send it by any method like texts or email

though bizarrely its not a link or anything so the end user has to go type it in, how quaint!

Thanks for the tip I see it . Great

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It’s a link for me

It is a link, used it many times…for example…

Probably one for a feature request,

But I wonder if a neat and centralised solution to this would be for Roon to create a link to a Roon hosted webpage (ie. that listed the album/track along with a list of links to open it in each the major streaming platforms.

All the major streaming services have APIs to perform track/album lookups against by name and the results could easily be cached on the Roon servers if desired.

You could then simply share that page with your friends. Free advertising for Roon too if the page containing the links was branded.

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Paul how do we create this link? Just copy the Internet address?

Yes, as the (IOS) screenshots…

Thank you I’ve got it !!
Screen shots were great !

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