How do I sort my albums by genre?

How do I sort my albums by genre?

You click Focus and open the Focus pop up and then choose the Genre.

Another fun way to look at it, from your front page (Overview) scroll down to Genres, click view all, then click on a genre like Pop/Rock, scroll down some more to all subgenres. From there you can pick a sub genre or view all subgenres. I have like 90 subgenres of Pop/Rock. It’s cool to see a picture with lots of bands/artists listed.

Thank you for your answer, most appreciated…
I am mostly a classical music type of guy. How do I create a genre or sub-genre i.e.: Baroque, Romantic, Modern… I probably have 50 baroque albums, another 50 of Romantic period and so on… Now all is mixed up together, near impossible to find…

Roon created these genres not me. You can create tags for all your stuff but that’s time consuming. What happens when you click the classical genre. Do you get some sub genres? But not the ones you like? Classical is the hardest to subdivide.

What are tags???
Thanks, Didier

I just created some tags. Now, how do I move the albums into the appropriate Tag?

Here’s some stuff on tagging

This is Roon’s sort of manual

So I haven’t done tags myself, but I’m sure there’re threads here on how to do it correctly. So I imagine once your tags have been created, you should be able to find them using the Focus feature. For ex) If you select albums from the left tree, then click on Focus. On the bottom of the screen in the middle is the Genre section, click anywhere on it. From there you’ll see a boxes that you can include in your selection say classical. Classical itself will have subgenres, so you could pick a specific genre or genres. Once your done selecting your genre or hopefully your tags, you can then create a bookmark. Anytime you add an album that includes that tag or genre you’ve selected, it will automatically be added to that bookmark. It hope this helps a little. There’s a learning curve but do a little searching here in the forum and I know someone will have your answer.

I tried something here. I went to an album, I clicked on the 3 dot box. From there I was able to create a new tag. I then added that album to that tag. I then went into all albums from the left side tree. There’s a tag icon at the top, I clicked on it and there was my tag with my album. From there you can create a bookmark to remember those albums.