How do I start over? Roon stuck


I started a trial with Roon several days ago, naively expecting it to be able to use my carefully crafted metadata for Cover Art, Artist, Title and Tracks. It got Cover Art right, but it turns out it cannot read the Naim generated metadata that accompanies my WAV formatted music.

So I asked it to rerun the conversion, allowing Roon to use all its own metadata with exception of cover art (Which it go really wrong on my first brief trial on a lot of my albums). But 24 hours later it is only at 169 of almost 7000 records (whatever that means because I have under 600 albums).

How do I get Roon to start afresh on my albums. This time, I will let it choose all its own metadata with exception of cover art. In hopes of a better result!

Hi Janet,

The simplest way to start over is to delete the Roon folder from all your devices, and reinstall it as desired.

This KB page describes the location of the folder for various operating systems.

@Martin_Webster posted this link in the other thread.

If @support can confirm that Roon supports embedded ID3 data in wav files (I believe it does, but let’s check) then you could convert your existing Naim metadata into ID3 form using SongKong, and then choose what to prefer on Roon import.

I’d suggest making a small test directory of 20 or so sample albums, converting them with SongKong, and then pointing Roon at them while you play with import settings to see what suits best. When you’ve worked out which import settings are best for you then you can repeat the process on your whole library. That will enable you to work out what is best without waiting for the whole library to be analysed.

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I have an inquiry into Songkong. I await a response.

Meanwhile, I did a quick search on ID3 which says it is a container for metadata. That part sounds promising, but it also states that this is commonly attached to mp3 files. I have no mp3 files. All my music consists of full album rips. If that makes a difference.

I wouldn’t worry about the MP3 references I think it just means it’s popular, which is good when it comes to formats.

Janet the KB page I sent above isn’t very helpful for people wanting to restart with a fresh install of Roon on the ST. I’m not familiar with the ST but I think we can reach out to the manufacturers on the Forum. Would that help ?

Sonic Transport offers lifetime support so I’ve written them.

Meanwhile, here’s my latest unresolved hurdle:

I have the Core installed in two places, the version I installed on my Win 7 Desktop some months ago for my earlier aborted trial with Roon. More recently, I purchased the Sonic Transporter which came with Roon Core installed.

I’ve asked Roon to disconnect from my PC and to search for an alternate, but it can’t find the Sonic Transporter. So I’ve specified Roon to search on by its network ID which is “SONICTRANSPORT”. But again without success; Roon just keeps looking and doesn’t find it. It is turned on. It is visible in Windows. So I don’t understand what the problem could be.

Hi Janet,

Do you have a Firewall on in Windows ? If you installed Roon on the PC prior to Roon on the ST then it may not have prompted you to allow Roon to connect. Try turning the firewall off and rebooting the computer and ST, then try disconnecting the Core again. If that works then we can add Roon.exe and RAATserver.exe to your Firewall whitelist and turn it on again.

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  • I do not have a firewall.
  • The Sonic Transporter which comes preinstalled with Roon Server, not Roon Core!
    Aha! That means I was incorrectly looking for the Roon Core on the ST! The Roon Core is properly installed on my PC. No wonder Roon couldn’t find it elsewhere!
    So at least this problem is solved.

Roon Server is a Roon Core. It is a Core and an Output. See the functional descriptions on the Downloads Page.

I’m not sure why your PC Roon can’t see the ST Core. How are you controlling the ST Core ?

If you want to delete and reinstall Roon on a SonicTransporter you can do that from the software manager -> manage -> apps -> software manager

You would select the installed app. click delete then add the app back.

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