How do I stop Roon from playing automatical selections?

After I select and play my selection, Roon automatically selects another piece. It is very irritating since the selection is unrelated to what I was playing.
How do I stop that?
I have a Qobuz subscription.
Thank you for any help.

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Turn off radio, on all your zones.

Here’s an example of the queue from one of my zones -

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THX - but I can’t find that anywhere in my setup :frowning:

On the playing now screen, press on the queue tab. You should find it there at the bottom.

THANKS :slight_smile: Found it on my iPhone - but not on my desktop or iPad


Go to the Queue by clicking the Queue icon on the Playbar:

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THX @AMT :slight_smile:

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I have Roon installed on an android phone, an android tablet and an IPad.

My Roon has only one zone (to a micro rendu) and I am unable to find any radio on the above 3 devices.

It is very frustrating. When I play a classical selection, the radio ALWAYS plays this once my selection has finished:

Isang Yun
Symphony No.5
Filharmonia Pomorska

It is driving me nuts!

Help anyone

It’s on your iPad, in the lower left hand corner of the queue display, when something is in the queue. You only need to turn it off on one device.

It looks like the screen I posted up above.

Sorry, but there is nothing in the bottom left in this iPad, even though I am playing a long queue.

I would like to post a screenshot but I don’t see that option here.

iPad Mini 6th Generation and iPad 8th Generation.

Pray tell how can I post a screenshot here?

I posted an album, not a playlist.

See my screenshot, if on Android phone what I circled in red.

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Found the solution.
Thank you all for your patience and help!

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