How do I Update?

Apologies for asking the naive question: how/where do I go to update my iPhone to 1.8. Apple App Store and Roon settings offer no obvious path. Thank you.

Search for Roon Labs on Apple App Store.

Thanks Jim…I did and I see the App with a “Get” and pressing this only brings me to my already downloaded Roon app. Do I have to delete my existing Roon app first?

If you already have it, then “Get” should not be an option. You should only see “Open.” I guess it wouldn’t hurt to delete it first. Make sure the app you see in the App Store is Version 1.8.00748 dated 1d ago.

Similar question. I get a pop up offering‘update all’. Can I just do that and it will do ipad and iPhone first? Thanks.

Thanks again, Jim…this time around it all went fine. All devices updated and functioning properly…and pretty! Best.

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