How do I use/activate Roon on my new Auralic Aries G2?

I used Roon on a Win10 PC until now and controlled it with the ROON app for Android. I disabled the ROON core on the Win10 machine because I want to use ROON on my new Auralic Aries G2 (which uses the latest 5.3 software). “ROON Ready” is switched on.
I copied a Backup of the ROON library from the Win10 PC to the SSD in the Aries G2 (witch also contains my HR-files).
I tried to contact the ROON Library/Core on the G2 with the Android app but that doesn’t work.
What do I do wrong?

The Aries is just a Roon endpoint - it won’t run the core directly. You’ll still need to run core on your PC and then select the Aries as an output in the settings/audio section on your Android remote.

The G2 is a Roon endpoint, not a core server. SO you need to keep your Win 10 core. Now, since it is Roon Ready, that means a core will see it automatically.

Thanks for your Answers guys!
I am a bit confused now while I thought by adding an SSD to my G2 it could function as a ROON server and I could skip my (non-audiophile) Intel NUC PC…

I am interested in buying the Aries G2 myself. The internal SSD bay is to run Auralic’s own lightning DS server software (like the Aries mini does).

You are still going to need a Roon core up and running as the G2 is an endpoint only unless you use lightning DS on an IOS device.

Thanks for your help Paul!
I’m using the G2 now with an (Android) app named Bubble DS. So I can use Tidal and my HR-files on the SSD. That working, but I really miss the ROON Environment.
And I don’t like the idea of a ROON Core on a different piece of hardware…

Greetings from the Netherlands,


Roon core on a different piece of hardware is an idea you should fall in love with… Use cheap, commodity hardware, like a NUC, to host your library, hide it as far away as possible, physically and electrically, from the stuff that’s actually playing the music back (and needs to be as shielded as possible from interference), and enjoy :slight_smile:.

If you using Aries G2 as endpoint, my advise is to use an external NAS. This way, Roon core running on a PC can extract the music files from the NAS and output to Aries G2, otherwise using an SSD as a storage inside Aries G2 will hog causing dropouts especially playing back Hi-Res(I’ve attempted this in Aries Mini). This only applies if you are using Roon. If you use Lightning DS, there’s no issue.

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Hi you all,

Thanks very much for your replies!
You convinced me to start using my Intel NUC (witch I used as a Endpoint with ROON for Win10 until now) as a ROON server for my Aries G2.
I will try ROON Rock!

Greetings from the Netherlands,


Intel NUC using Rock as a ROON server for my Aries G2 up and running.
I am using the NUC with a Sbooster BOTW ECO power supply and Audioquest Carbon CAT 700 network cables. Sounds great!

ThX again for helping everybody :+1:

Glad you got it sorted. Just to flesh out MusicEar’s reply. The way Roon works when playing a song is that the song is always transferred to the Roon Core first, the Core processes the audio, and then sends in out to the end point. If the music was stored in the Aries, you would be doubling the network traffic to that one device.