How do I view "All unread"?

Is there a way of viewing all unread posts/threads.

  • New doesn’t do this. I am not sure how it choses what it shows. Is it only what I’ve already contributed to?
  • Latest also doesn’t do this.

Is there a way? (It’s probably blindingly obvious. In which case, sorry…)

I agree that there should be an easy way to see every post not yet read. I try to read everything on the forums, but, alas, find threads that I have missed for some reason. I tend to click on the Latest tab and then sort by the activity date. Usually, click it 3 three times to make sure it has sorted itself correctly.

Hi Nic,
Go in to your forum profile and select preferences and scroll down to this option:

Then change it to:

and save.

Now return back to the forum pages, you will now see a display a list ALL unread posts at the bottom of the page.

Hope that helps,


[quote=“Ludwig, post:1, topic:4463”]
It’s probably blindingly obvious. In which case, sorry…)
[/quote]This will be it then :wink: