How do I view and manage my local library only

I have just enabled the Roon option on my Innuos Music server which is where my Main music library is. Problem is the library option in the Innuos menu has now been disabled. I didn’t think this was going to cause me concern because I thought I would be able to pick it up from within Roon. The Innuos library was fairly limited as it couldn’t control playback but for managing and editing metadata and viewing my local library it was beautiful in it’s simplicity. I really really miss it.

Whilst I am enjoying the Tidal integration in the most part, sometimes it really gets in the way and I wish I could just switch it off or just hide it so I can get back to managing my local library.

Is there a way to view only my local library on my Innuos Zen server? Along with simple stats like the number of albums, artists, tracks and disks?

I am loving Roon for loads of other reasons but this is a real big bear for me.

I am new here so apologies if this is already addressed elsewhere. I have searched for a long time and I cannot find an answer anywhere, including the knowledge base.

Timely question. Somebody asked this just a couple days ago.
Of course, you could also just log out of the Tidal service. You won’t lose anything permanently. Just none of that information will be present.

More importantly, welcome to the Roon Community @Robert_Borley!

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You could use focus to exclude your Tidal albums?

In album view select focus, then select Format (you may need to scroll the window to the right to see it) then select Tidal then go back to your main album window and you should see a green tidal box at the top, this means you are now looking at just your Tidal albums, click on the green box and it will go pink and now you will see everything except your Tidal albums.
The Focus window also shows stats for ratings on the left hand side.


Excellent, thanks (@Ratbert also)!

I was hunting and hunting for well over an hour for that option! Thanks sooo much! I would never have found it on my own.

I couldn’t find a mention of Storage Location or the “inspector” menu option even when searching for Local Library in FAQ and the knowledge base. Who would have thought the “Storage Locations” option would be a fairly inconspicuous link buried under an obscure option called “Inspector”? However, now I know it’s there (and I have bookmarked it!) I’m fine, but I expect other new users may struggle.

Yeah, Roon can be a handful when you are first starting out. In fact, it can be a handful even after you are a member for five years (and dense like me). But the Roon Community is a great place to get answers.
Regarding the bookmarking, I hope you noted you have to set another relatively obscure switch (Show Hidden Tracks and Albums) to “ON” when you do a view like this or you may miss albums (its at the end of the thread). This switch is found under Settings>General.
Focus is really pretty powerful for Roon, so it is worth experimenting there. You should also notice that your choices for Focus are context-sensitive. That is, some of the filter choices will be available when you start Focus from the Album view, but won’t be there when you start from Artist view, for example. That one only took me four years to learn, courtesty of another Roon member.

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Yeah focus is not the best documented part of Roons arsenal.

Also once you have a focus sorted to your liking, bookmark it as it can then be accessed with one click thereafter and it will always be upto date with your library.